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Hey Everybody!

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Hi Guys!  

It's been a while, but for those of you wondering I finished Yuya Sakaki from Yugioh Arc-V for Jafax last month.  Now I'm working on Sailor Moon and Hatsune Miku (World's End Dancehall ) for Youmacon.   

Also in more exciting news, I have my "Artist Alley" Studio up and running! I am "Aqua Moon Studios" and I have shirts for sale on Redbubble - You can find them here:…

I also have bookmarks, stickers, pins, and more up for sale on my StorEnvy - which is here:

Everything I make by hand. All my buttons are punched by me. All my stuff is laminated by me, etc etc. I do everything so feel free to check it all out! I have pins up for Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Tiger and Bunny.... etc. 

And everything is super cheap too!  I'm working on getting my newer sets of buttons up (zelda, dragonballs, and fairy tail), but I haven't had the time with work. I'll get them as soon as possible though, I promise. 
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So It's already 2014. It's kinda scary when I think about it - how times flies and all but then at the same time that means it's almost my birthday and that's a good thing. 

So I suppose I should update things since I haven't updated anything since December. 

I finished IV/Thomas Arclight for Youmacon in Nov. and it was super fun to have :iconann-chovi: with me as III.  I need to get more pictures of Thomas before I can really show the improvements, but I'm quite proud of it. 

My next Convention is Sakura-Con (Apr 18-20) and I already bought the plane tickets so I'm super excited.  

So Far I'm bringing Yuri Lowell, and something else I plan to work on, but I probably won't bring a lot of cosplays because baggage costs are annoying, and :iconevilweasel72: and I have a habit of packing /all/ our crap in the same bag so we only have to pay for one bag. 

But anyways, since this is a new year, I have a new year's resolution as I'm sure everyone does. 

I'm going to draw more. I want to draw like I used to when I was kid - meaning every day. I want to be able to just set at my computer, listen to my music and draw like I used to.  

So that's my goal. 

I'm taking my artistic fire, and I'm going to learn to stop being so damn hard on myself for my art and just do what I love, like I used to. Without worrying about anyone else. 

I also am going to TRY to update my Youtube more. ( my username is KiraElric ) however with this one I promise nothing. 

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Wow DA's changed. I haven't updated my journal in a while so it's catching me off guard. Tumblr owns me far more than it ever used to. 

Sorry about that guys. 

Anyways, so Recently I've been to Jafax in June and Youmacon this past November, and now I'm working on things for Sakuracon in April. 

I've been working on re-making things since I realized my sewing skills were horrible after getting my job as a professional seamstress - and being there for a year now I've improved greatly. I have some pictures of :iconann-chovi: and I as Michael and Thomas Arclight from Yugioh Zexal that were taken at Youmacon I just have been lazy and not put them up here yet. 

I just beat Tales of Xillia, so expect things to be made from that now too. 

I have a few other things planned, but we'll see what happens when we get to them. I know Ann-Chovi and I are really excited to cosplay Magi some time soon. :heart: 
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Hi Guys,

How long has it been?

Too Long?


Well as Tumblr stole my life as usual, I haven't been on DA anywhere near as much as I should. So Updating time.

I have a new job - as a professional seamstress.  :iconann-chovi: moved back up here so I can see her and hang out and be derps with her again.


I went to Sakuracon this past March to meet up with one of my Roleplaying buddies on Tumblr, and it was Wunderbar.

I brought Yuri Lowell with me (I have a new wig from Arda) and :iconevilweasel72: went as my Yeager - but alas I got next to no pictures of us from Sakuracon, so you guys will just have to wait for me to have time to take pictures.

What else...?

Oh yeah.

I played Bioshock Infinite and it was gorgeous and just Ugh, and my first FPS, but the story - and yeah working on Elizabeth now.

Also I FINALLY got my hands on a Gimmick Puppet so now I have intentions to completely revamping IV, because it makes me giddy to have one of my babies.

I've been doing art stuff and writing a lot more than I did before.

My subscription ran out on here I noticed....

Perhaps I'll start using DA again since my muses have returned to me.
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Okay guys!
Update time!

I haven't done this in forever, and I apologize.

So here's the update. Youmacon is almost here, and I will be Tales Of cosplay pretty much all weekend - except for when I drag out IV, because I mean come on, it's IV, I have to show him some love!

But other than that, I'm bringing Luke Fon Fabre, and Yuri Lowell with me to Youmacon.

I am ALMOST DONE with Yuri's default - in game outfit, so I should have that with me all week. His boots were a pain to make but I did it, and they're comfy too. :3 (I am currently wearing them, because I am running a test on how I was going to put them on.

I don't have much left to do for Yuri, so that's why I haven't been on - I am also working on his True Knight outfit for those of you who have played Tales of Vesperia.  :iconevilweasel72: is going to be Shark and probably Raven, so be on the look out for that!

I might have one of my friends from work with me too, but we have to wait to see if she got the time off first. I'm looking forward to Youma this year guys!!! A lot of people I know seem to be going this year, so please please please COME SAY HI!  

I'll probably be in some form of Yuri all weekend.  And for those of you who have played Vesperia, I will have wanted posters on me, and Contracts for Hire for Brave Vesperia - feel free to hire Yuri out and make me your errand boy. ^-^
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This is coming from someone who has played every game in the series, excluding re:Coded. (I know the basic story of it though). There will be spoilers for all the games in this, so if you do not want to be spoiled for Any of the games, please move along.

You want been warned, that is all.

:: It's Starts Here::


So with Dream Drop Distance being released recently in America, and having just beaten it, I am all inspired and in a huge Kingdom Hearts kick, again.

I say this, because this game marks Kingdom Hearts's 10th year anniversary, and I just feel like I need to pay tribute to such a great series.

Firstly, I am proud to say that I have been apart of this series since it's beginning. I was in eight grade when it all stated and I started to see the old commercials that would come onto TV, and I would always talk about how stupid I thought it looked, but in my heart I wanted to play it so bad - but I wouldn't voice it because I was in my  "Disney is not cool." phase.

Well Christmas of that year rolled around and I found out some of my friends had gotten it for Christmas and after watching the beginning of it, I was dying to play it.  I didn't have a PlayStation 2 of my own, because my parents were always against me playing a lot video games and were the "go outside and play kind of parents" so I would play it every now and then when I would go over to a friend's house.

This was the first time I had played a game and it left me wanting.

What I mean by this, is I would go home and play something else, and it literally left me with the mindset of "It's not Kingdom Hearts, it's not the same." and I didn't want to play anything else, all I wanted was Kingdom Hearts. Well after sometime, one of my friends finally let me borrow his PS2 and the game so I could finally beat it for myself. I didn't sleep. I might as well have breathed the game, because that was pretty much all I did.

After much begging and pleading I convinced my parents to buy me a PS2 and by this time it was one of the slim baby ones, if that tells you how long it took me to get them to cave, and what was the first game I bought for it? Kingdom Hearts, of course.

This is one of the only games I have played through over and over and over and over again, and I when I say that, I don't just mean one of them. I mean all of them.  

Not just that, seeing as I have been there since day 1, I have been among the fans who have to painfully await the next installment to this series.

Every single Year. Every Month, every day, every minute has been worth it.

Never once have I felt let down by this series.

But enough about how it came into my life, let's talk about what it's done to it.

How it's changed me.

One minor note before I begin:

I don't do these emotional fan rants very often, because I am very shy, and most of the time embarrassed by just how much I get involved with things. So I just want to clarify something.  I don't have a lot of things in my life that I find true enjoyment in. I don't have many things I really call myself a true fan of, but when it comes to the things I actually say that I love, I invest an extremely large part of myself into them. Kingdom Hearts is one of those few things.

Now then.

As I stated already, this year marks Kingdom Heart's 10th year Anniversary, and in those 10 years, Kingdom Hearts has given us a total of Eleven games if you count the "Final Mix" versions of KH1, KH2 and KH : BBS that will never be released outside of Japan.

Of all these games, we've been given characters that everyone can relate to. We've been given characters that somehow everyone can find something they love about them. I love everyone for all their quirks, differences, and little personality flaws. It makes them feel like people.  The fact that Square struck a deal with Disney only makes it more captivating for me, for two reasons.

1. I'm an animation major, so I grew up all sparkly eyed over anything and everything animated in the first place.

2. I grew up with those characters. Because of the previous reason listed, I almost breathed Disney as a child, so bringing Disney into it makes it feel so much more friendly and at home to me.

But seriously, the Kingdom Hearts original characters? Wow, just wow. There was so much thought, so many little details put into not only their physical designs, but  their personalities and emotions. They've been with me so long, that I almost feel like they are family to me now.

I grew up with these characters. Sure fourteen isn't the youngest of ages, but I'm Twenty-Four now and I'm still juvenilely excited over a video game? That love, that love and passion I have for this series I don't think is ever going to go away. I get so eager to know more and more about these characters, that I get sad and I miss them once I beat a game. Kingdom Hearts is also so very capable of introducing new characters to us and I find myself welcoming them like lost family members without a second thought about it.

This story started as that of a young boy looking for his friends, gifted with the powers of the magical "Keyblade", and it has evolved into so much more than that. It's a story of the heart now. A heart's journey, and being able to find your own path in life, your own light.

I cannot put into words how much these characters, these worlds, the events,  how much this story means to me.  It's changed me. It's helped me. It's taught me so many things in life, and I admit that I use a lot of the "philosophy" that Kingdom Hearts throws out there in my everyday life.

Is it sad that a video game had helped me to put so much trust in my friends? Call me Naive if you want, but I know that even after everything we have gone through, all the wrongs, all the fights, after everything the people that love me will always be there no matter what, and it's my job as a friend to always do the same for them. Always.

I'm not going to take claim to being a perfect person, because by no means am I, but it's because of a story like this, that I relate to the struggles of these characters. Things like a person as cheerful as Sora can still fall to darkness. A person who is pure of light like Ventus, will have troubles problems just like everyone else, but with friends behind you, people who love you in your life - you can always be strong, even in the darkest of times.

There was something that Sora said in KH: 3D that hit my heart hard.

"Even if it didn't chose me, even if I am just a small part of something bigger, I'm proud to be a part of that - I'm proud to be a part of the people it did chose."

(in reference to the keyblade)

Do you all realize you're a part of this? You're all a part of a fan base that loves the same thing? That something so simple as a story connects all of our hearts together?  All under one sky.

This series always makes me so sentimental and emotional.

And it nails me even more to see the amazing things people create out of their love of this series. All the people I meet because of this series are amazing people. I've met other roleplayers, (I currently run a Ventus blog, and everyone is amazing) I've met artists, cosplayers, writers, people who make music videos. You all are so talented, and creatively amazing people. The amount of love that is expressed in this fan base never fails to leave me speechless.

Just as speechless as every game does.

As an artist, the series never fails to impress me visually. Every single one of the openings to the game is beyond impressive.

Everything from the artist style, to the softness of the renderings, to the symbolism, to the use of color. Everything is just beyond impressive. Not just that though, that level of quality is always kept up throughout the game, no matter the platform, and even more so with the story telling. Kingdom Hearts loves to throw twists and turns in, making every game important. Everything connected.

The last few games have introduced so many different names and faces, and yet we all accepted them without question. The story blended them all in so flawlessly it's hard to think about what the story would be like if they weren't involved, even if their part is small like Wakka, Tidus and Selphie way back in the original game.

I mean Kingdom Hearts II didn't even start the story with main character. No. They dropped Roxas in our laps, and let us play out six days with him, and then didn't bring him back in until the end of the game. Just stop and look at how many people honestly can say they love Roxas. How many fans he got with such a small appearance in a game. It wasn't until 358/2 Days that Roxas got his own game, and it was because he had such a huge fan base that the game was so accepted into the story so easily.

And there comes up the topic of Xion. Even someone who isn't even supposed to be a real person is accepted and loved. We're handed the story of a girl that is actually a compilation of memories and made to look in the image of another character, and she feels like family just like everyone else. She is on the list of "part of Sora's heart" now, and admit it or not, everyone can relate to that lovable brunette and his ever loving heart.

Then a little while later they give us a story that doesn't even focus on the original trio of the game. They hand us Terra, Aqua and Ventus. These are characters that have exploded with popularity and been welcomed into our hearts like they were the lost family members that everyone was looking for. The world of Birth By Sleep alone, is simply amazing.  - I personality consider Ventus my favorite character.

But I mean, just look at the story telling this game does in a few minutes - by that I mean simply the opening. No words, just a song - and most of the time the same one- and in a few minutes the opening is capable of handing us almost the entire story, without the viewer even knowing it.

And then two years later, here comes Dream Drop Distance, and it is the first time we have truly advanced the plot in six years…and what was it? Amazing - absolutely amazing. Even with all the waiting, and the "mini games" that were released prior, that game introduced even more new plot twists, and little quirks to the battle system, that reformed the player's way of thinking and handling the system in new and exciting ways.

Every game, it bring something new to the table, and again and again, game after game Kingdom Hearts never fails to out-do it's self. Kingdom Hearts 2 brought in reaction commands, Birth by Sleep re-worked the "hand-held" system with the command deck, and made have a single person party acceptable with command styles, and then Dream Drop Distance comes in with Flow Motion. What genius thing will they come up with for the next game? I'm seriously excited to find out.

Kingdom Hearts never fails to blow my mind, and I am not only proud of say that I will eagerly be awaiting the next game, but I am proud to be apart of it's fan base. I don't have many things I can say that about.

" One Sky, One Destiny. "
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So I haven't been on here in a while, huh?

I kinda feel like I neglect DA compared to how to used to use it, but I don't really have the money to get new cosplays done or the time to go take pictures of the ones I need pictures of. :/ I don't really have people to go take pictures with anymore either. I work nights now so it's not very often that I even see the light of day anymore. :/

In brighter news, I got a 3DS and Dream Drop Distance, and I beat that. All I'm going to say is <3 my Ventus. Nothing more.

It was amazing, and I can't wait for the next game, even though I know it will be a few years before they give it us (again.)

But Playing KH3D and my lack of funding made me re-look over my cosplay plans for the year. With bills to pay and not making that much money I'm going to turn my attention to fixing cosplays I already have, so I can actually afford to go to Youmacon this year.

So I'm probably going to fix IV, Ventus, and Luke.  If I get unlazy I might finish Yuma because he's almost done. I want to get Yuri Lowell done, but I just don't have the money or the time to get that done by Youmacon this year. :/  I'm noticing I'm getting terribly critical of my cosplays and I want to fix things up before I make new things, so that things actually look presentable for once. Besides I have so many little things like props and such to make, that should be more than enough to keep me busy.

As for Yukei, I'm kinda in a writer's block with it right now, so Chapter 12 will set half written and wait for me to get over it so I don't end up screwing it up and end up posting a bad chapter.

Really, when it comes to neglecting DA, I'm on tumblr way more than I am on here, but still feel free to chit-chat - It's just easier to get a hold of me on Tumblr.

So Future plans:

Nov.  1-4 th

Potential Cosplay Plans:
Ventus- KH: Birth By Sleep - fixed up :)
IV - Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Luke Fon Fabre  - Tales of the Abyss
Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Tiger and Bunny

And that's all I have for now.
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I will be at Jafax at the end of this month.

June 23rd - 24th

I'm bringing IV and Tank Top Lover Yuri Lowell with me.

And I will be at Anime World Indy July 6th-8th.

I'll be on Artist Alley for that  convention, So I'm working Hard on making sure my inventory is ready for that convention!

So sorry I haven't been online very much, but I've been doing a lot of cosplay and art stuff, to get ready for my next conventions.

I'm trying to get my new pictures of Luke and Yuri done, so I can sell them at Anime World Indy. <3
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60,000 page views.

I will do the lucky person who catches it choice of:

a cosplay picture request


an Art request.

Good Luck everybody!!!
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Or like listening to me talk, I have a few links for you.

Um I have a tumblr.

It's here:

I have 4 RolePlay accounts on Tumblr - They are:

Luke Fon Fabre - >

IV ->

Yusei Fudo ->

Barnaby Brooks Jr. ->

Sometimes I post cosplay videos up on them of me answering questions in character. So feel free to follow them, pester them or even rp with me! I don't have a lot of people to RP with on Luke and Yusei, so the more the merrier!!!

(IV is the main one I use right now)

Also my Facebook cosplay Fan Page is here:…

I tend to post things like progress and such up on there rather than clogging up my DA with it.

And my Youtube Account is here:…

Just a few things so if you want to keep up with everything I'm doing you can.

I don't live on DA like I used to. >.<


I use my scraps part of DA. So be sure to check it out!
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Anyone who wants an update about Acen,

Go here:…

I don't really feel like typing it all out.

I have a new webcam so I'm trying to use my Youtube more. ^-^;
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Hey guys!

It's almost acen time!

So I'm going to disappear for a week or so (not that I don't normally) but I should have fun pictures after con though!

I don't think I'm going to have duel circuit IV done in time for Acen because it's fighting me and I'm not patient enough to fight with it.

So I'm bringing Normal IV, and I was thinking maybe Suzaku... I dunno... I just have so many old costumes I never wear. I'll think of something. Barnaby Maybe... I just have to fix those boots still. >.<

Anything people want to see more pictures of?

Not happening list (because they are either trashed and need fixing or I'm missing part of them)

Yusei <-Trashed ; heavy repair needed
Jaden<- Lent to a friend; never gave back
Yami<- missing parts and the wig is dead
Aki <- dog destroyed her, and she needs to be fixed :(
Ventus <- Don't have currently; At parents' house
Knight of Seven! Suzaku <- Missing parts ; lent to friend haven't gotten back yet

I think that's it?

Also if someone send me a screencap at 60,000 hits or whoever is closest they will get something from me.

I put a poll up asking what you guys would want, and so far it's looking like a Cosplay Picture request.
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So, I'm so excited!

I almost have everything done!!!

All the sleep I've been sacrificing for the past month (mostly the last two weeks) has paid off!!!

All I really have left to do for IV is finish his duel disk and put in a couple of zippers (because the first ones I got aren't working like I wanted them to)

I have to tweek his Duel Circuit vest a little and then that's done too :heart:


I honestly don't even remember the last time I was this excited for a cosplay.

I haven't been making them like I used to anyways.


And I'm finishing :iconevilweasel72:'s cosplay for Acen too.

I have to style is wig and make a belt buckle.

Other than that it's pretty much done.... And then I can sleep again!!!

I really don't plan on bringing a to Acen.

I've found when I bring too many cosplays I feel rushed and don't have as much fun, so I'm just sticking with a few.

Don't know if I should bringing Barnaby because I still have to fix my boots. >.<

So if you're going to Acen, you should come find me and say "hi".

I might be in Artist Alley for part of the time though because I told one of my buddies I'd help her out with her table for a little bit. (to which she said I could sell a few of my things :heart:)

I don't really have plans for the convention as a whole, just meet  up with friends, and give out Fan Service :heart:

Oh god what has Zexal done to my life?

I guess after Acen this means I have to finish Yuma, he's so close to being done anyways.
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-dizzy face-

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been around.... I've been sewing

Three costumes in less than a month is never smart - so just don't do it.


I've almost finished IV for Acen - I have to finish his Duel Disk, and I'll even have his Duel Circuit outfit for when I'm lazy and don't feel like wearing the big flowy one. (even though I love it)

Then I almost have Ryoga (Shark) done for :iconevilweasel72:  @.@

Needless to say I haven't been sleeping much.

Luckily I bought a bunch of new make-up for the purpose of making IV's scar all cool and shit, so hopefully it will help me hide the complete lack of sleep that's so easy to see on my face.

Why did I ever let myself do this?

Oh that's right...

Zexal stole my soul from me, and I adore IV way more than I should.

Yay for obsessions. :heart:

Anyways, it's looking like Zexal is going to be the big thing Evilweasel and I do at Acen this year.

We'll be down there on Thursday and I would love to meet up with people.
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Lately I've been doing some thinking.

I'm 24. I'm 24 and I'm no where near where I always thought I would be in life.

I guess you could say I had a little reality check recently.  

Lately I haven't really been doing much with my life simply because of my depression. When it hits, it's like no matter how much I tell myself to do something, I can't.  No matter how hard I try to force myself to do something, it just doesn't work.

Well it hit a period in my life (and I have this more off my medication, than on) where I simply "don't feel like living anymore."  Now I'm not saying this to scare anyone, and for anyone who knows me, knows I would never actually do anything to hurt myself. I just get deliberately careless. Things like I cut myself on accident, and don't take care of it... or purposely not eat and sleep for days. Things like that.

Well I hit that period in my life a few weeks back, and ended up calling into work for a while because I just couldn't handle being there, and Daniel stayed home and took care of me, and watched me because he was afraid he would come home and bad things would have happened.

I don't know what hit me, but I just didn't care. I didn't care about anything anymore. In my eyes far as I was concerned, I had accomplished nothing in my life and was worth nothing.

And then I got the message from my buddy from High School, telling me one of our friends from High School had died.

My world stopped.

I mean I knew that guy. Normally when I read things in the obituaries, it's no one I knew. I haven't really lost anyone in my life since I was very young. I lost most of my mother's side when I was young, and I lost my grandfather on my father's side when I was 5.

But it's never anyone... my age?

Let alone someone I knew.

It hit me hard, because only a week before I was thinking about ending my own life.  What would have happened to the one's I love, if I did something like that?

I went to his funeral, and sat there thinking the whole time, wondering... would people remember me like that? Only 23 when he passed and there was already so many wonderful things that people remembered him for. He'd done so much with his life, in just 23 years.  

So I stopped, and thought about things.

Thought about my life, and realized that I have done quite a bit with my life but there is so much more I can do.

I thought by the time I was 24, I would be a successful artist/ graphic designer living by myself obsessed with work, but as I got older, I realized I am no where near as Anti-Social as I always thought I was.

I need people in my life, or I go crazy. I need that, and I realize it now.

I also realize that I have been holding myself back for quite some time now. I'm always scared to act on my ideas, post my art, post my writing, post my work. I don't let myself follow anything through to the end, or do it to the full potential that I possess.

I don't know why I do it, I just do.

So I'm done with that.

I really am.

About a year ago, my High School friends - my circle I mean- started playing a bigger part in my life than they had been. After High School, things kinda completely fell apart. Myself and my friends went our own ways, and I basically stopped talking to everyone. Completely.

I fought with pretty much everyone, and some way or another I pretty much pushed everyone away in the name of living my own life.  I held on to a few people for a few years, and a some of them I never really stopped talking to, but my inner circle kinda just disappeared from my life.

I felt like I needed to "grow up" and honestly I feel like it took me a long time, but I'm working on it.

See, part of me is happy with what happened, and part of me isn't.

I say this because I feel like I needed the time to 'grow up' and  'find myself', but I also kinda feel like it wasn't until recently that I have even begun to do that.

Recently I have begun to do a lot more with myself. That funeral, was kinda... humbling.

So I went home and built myself a website for my art. I ordered new business cards. I started up my art again. I started building the 'small business' I have been dreaming of since I was very young. The only thing that was ever stopping me from getting it was myself, and I need to knock that off.

I have been working on a comic since I was 17, and I still dream of getting it published, but I neglect it because the voice in the back of my head tells me no one cares, and my mind is terrified to show it. Why?

I sat at ShutoCon, running an Artist Alley table for my buddy, and I spent the whole weekend doodling in my style next to art I consider much better than my own, and people still told me what I was doing was wonderful.  

I need to stop being afraid.

And I'm going to be.

I have been putting A LOT of time into my art recently and I think that's the way it's going to be. It needs to be. I love to cosplay, don't get me wrong, but I have always loved Art more than cosplay.


I hate sewing. I hate it.

I love to build things, create things, style wigs, and that kind of thing... but I hate to sew.

I also have next to no confidence in my that probably doesn't help.   

Then yesterday I saw one of my old buddies I worked with in my first job, and that just brought a smile to my face. I hadn't seen him in forever. The way he hugs... it reminded me that some people do consider me a treasure, no matter how weird I am.

I know I've lost a lot of people in my life, and I've done some pretty stupid things. I've said things I never should have. I've done things I regret, but I can't take them back now, can I? I have to live with what I have done, and the past only molds me. If I had never messed anything up in my life, I never would have grow at all. I never would have matured, and I'm happy I have.

Now do things still hurt? Of course they do. I'm human, I have emotions, and things still hurt when I think about them, but I like to think that I can be a forgiving person, I mean I talk to people from High School, and I never thought I would ever see them again.
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Okay so everyone knows, I am going to Acen.

My buddy :icontobiejade: offered :iconevilweasel72: and I a room and we decided to jump on it. I haven't been in about 2 years, so this should be interesting. We'll see if the traffic drives us crazy and to the point of killing each other like it did last time.

(I hate driving in Chicago)

Costume wise, I have no idea what to bring.

I could very well finish Yuma Tsukumo in time if I would ever just get unlazy and make his vest, and paint his shirt. (I have to re-style that wig again too, it irks me) But I don't know if that's going to happen. I don't like rushing cosplays - I do it too much anyways- and I was aiming more for Jafax for Yuma. Besides then I would have to hurry up and make Shark for Evilweasel.

Besides I have someone else to work on for Acen if all goes well. -plotting-

Barnaby and Kotetsu will probably come.  - Getting Evilweasel in anything other than Kotetsu is hard these days because he is very attached to his Cat-Beard. (I don't know about that though, because my jacket for Barnaby is like an over and it kills me @.@)

-I still don't have pictures of my new Barnaby Jacket and glasses though-

Yusei is NOT coming, because after last con - Yusei is in need of heavy repairs.

Ventus - Repairs/ Terra - Repairs - So they're out.

I was thinking about bringing Luke Fon Fabre but again repairs (and things I never made/finished) but then again Luke is in need of less repairs than anything else.

You guys know my cosplays, what do you want to see?

Just remember I only have room for 1 more.

Cause the line up is:(thus far)

Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Secret Cosplay
?????? <- help me fill this one in please.
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I'm Jafax's waiting list. :(

But that's better than being told no right off the bat.

Also - going to Acen.

Fun times.

And finally

I'm working on a website for my Artist Alley stuff / Studio.

Check it out:…!
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I posted the whole thing up on my tumblr.

Complete with pictures:…
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Hey everyone,

Look at me use this more.

Funny my subscription runs out again, and I use it more. (I kinda miss my polls and shoutbox but I'll live. I went to use it the other day, but oh well. )

In other news:

Shutocon is next weekend.

I will be in Lansing with :iconevilweasel72: and  :icontobiejade: :heart:

I am planning on bringing Barnaby Brooks Jr. (My new Glasses should be here today) and Yusei Fudo.

I know, OMG I'm cosplaying Yusei again.


I am deciding if I should go to Acen or not. I wanna go... but then at the same time I don't. Gas is expensive, and I dunno if I could swing another con in between Shuto and Jafax.


By Jafax I intend to have an Artist Alley table - I haven't got anything back about it yet, but I would be sharing it with:

I tend to bring cosplays I won't die of heat in.  

So far the plan is:

Yuma Tsukumo (I am finishing the wig right now)

and I haven't decided what else.


Other cosplays for the year:

Link (Skyward Sword) - Group with :icontobiejade: as Ghirahim  and :iconevilweasel72: as Groose

and at this rate - VERY potentionally - Yukei.
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