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I tried myself on a character from Tad Williams' wonderful
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series.

It's one of his Norns, none with a name, but as I'm fascinated by them and their story I couldn't resist drawing one while I re-read the books for the 5th (?) time now.

I just need your help with the background. Anyone any suggestions? Something fitting? I even thought about something bigger, maybe with even more figures on it.
What do you think?
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Mmmm... being a Norn, the best background should be an icy/cold one, or some ruins.
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I'll try my best to work the whole pic over. But the ruins sound like a pretty good idea =D
So cool! your painting skill is becoming reallly good! XD :clap:
he'a like talking to someone, like there's someone, maybe his biggest rival standing face to face toward him and yelling at each other in a very cool way :D and firey aura behind them and... lightning, angry clouds, heavy wind.. n dunno what else for the bg =p
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Thank you :hug: I really try my best to learn and practice.

I think I'll add a student of his, just as :iconkaenguma: suggested close to him but his closest rival just face to face.
Firery wouldn't fit as Norns are icy creatures but a storm and lightning sounds cool! =D
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He is very cool!
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Thank you ~ now I really think about making him part of a bigger picture with more characters. Like a book cover maybe or a wrapping for a box ~ my books of Memory Sorrow and Thorn look so awfully used . . . and I bet they'll look worse if they return from the person I'd borrowed them to. So maybe that idea is not that bad ^^
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mhmm, I like him as he is right now.
but I could also picture him in a garden, lecturing a young one?

XD no, at close up it looks rather like he's snarling at someone ;)
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Thank you ^^

Hm, a garden, something ruin like would suit well. And someone he's snarling at, definitely a good idea xD
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He's so cool! I'm really looking forward to read the story and to draw some scenes together with you!!!

And I like the idea of adding more figures, even if I don't know who ^_^"
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My offering still stands: I could read it to you in some of the time I'm not drawing/writing myself. If I read it anyway, why not reading it aloud? ;)

And I bet you'd find many characters to love in there ^^
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Then do it! =D

And I already love Simon after reading some sentences *_* He's like Niku!!!
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He really resembles Niku in some ways ~ but (in contrast to Niknuk) he grows up to become a kind of hero ^^ ~ I mean, Niku, too is a (strange) kind of hero but he stays so small xD
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He's a Rattenwurst hero xD *hugs Nikulein*
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