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Crusader in progress - 50% done!

The Crusader from Diablo III is one of my bigger projects this year. So far I've spent around 500 hours of work until I've reached this point and there is still a lot, A LOT to do! Right now however I've made a little break since I'm concentrating on a different project right now, but I already cannot wait to keep on working in this costume! You can follow my daily work progress on Facebook

Main material of this costume is Worbla and craft foam, which are a great combination for solid and very durable armors. Just love to work with this stuff and enjoy every project I'm able to finish. Since it's that big I don't think that I will wear it at any convention (transportation problems), but I'm sure the upcoming photoshoot will turn out awesome! :)

I've also released about about Armor Making and Cosplay Painting if you learn how this works and want to create such stuff by yourself:
Ckeck out my store!

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the four horn helmet its just great
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I CAN NOT wait to see the photoshoot!!
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You're GOD!!
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That's Freaking Amazing and the helmet is super cool!! Can't wait for 
you to finish and do a photoshoot with it!!! :dance: :love:
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Well, at least the head looks safe from damage :P
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That looks AWESOME!
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As usual, your armor creations blows me away. o.O;

I have HUGE respect for the amount of hours you put in your creations, the dedication shows.
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<font><font>souvenir d'enfance</font></font>
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looks like a heavy load
but fantastic work
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pure love =)
gibts das zweite buch dann auch in deutsch?
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Whoa, what amazing detail!!!! I bet the finished product is going to be mindblowing :heart:
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This is fantastic! Can't wait to see it finished and see the images. Keep up the great work.
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Epic beyond words! You are truly the master of warbla!
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WOW, looks amazing!
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nice ! really ! Shocked 
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