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Armor Pattern Tutorial

Hey guys, do you also want to start with a nice and super protective armor costume and have no where to begin? Well, then try at first to create some armor patters for your helmets, bracers, breastplate and anything else. Here I've made a little step by step tutorial how to get a perfect fitting pattern for a bracer. For more information check out my armor making book. But as you can see, it's really simple and you can work with basic tools from your house hold!

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Taqresu650's avatar
This actually isn't very different from what I used for my Winter Soldier arm. Except with my arm I used bubble wrap and foam boards.
Im-not-a-vampire's avatar
do you have any advice on shoulder armor patterns?
theyakate's avatar
THis might help and thanks  ^  ^
leannetran's avatar
This is so clever!
OceanPirate's avatar
You are a genius! I'm going to share this with as many people as I can! Thanks!!!!!!
minusfractions's avatar
Thats a really clever way to do it!! :D
juancorvis's avatar
Snysess's avatar
Mal ehrlich das sieht man einfach die Erfahrung!°°
Maleficus-Animus's avatar
This was JUST what I was looking for!
overmind81's avatar
Wow! Like retopo at Zbrush!
Karne-de-Saintclaire's avatar
This is a cool technique! I used it for my bracers, it worked really well.
Only thing no one told me was that you have to wrap it very losely. I wrapped it to hard and there was almost no space for the scissors for cutting. They made some nice red marks on my arm xD But after one day nothing could be seen anymore.
JulietTaylor's avatar
l1k3gh0sts's avatar
Wow, really helpful. I love finding well done tutorials. Thanks so much for uploading this. Looking forward to seeing more from you!
Andecaya's avatar
I'm so dump that I haven't thought of that!
DangerSounds's avatar
this is soooo much eaiser then what ive been doing to make templates for my armor!! I'm stealing this technique from u!!!
FoxOFWar's avatar
...I never thought about it, but dayumn. Might need to give this a go for some cosplay in the future.
eddywardster's avatar
This is really good technique. Do you have one for body or torso armor?
OceanPirate's avatar
It's basicaly the same method.
eddywardster's avatar
Lol thanks. Kind of late but better late than never, right?
OceanPirate's avatar
Didnt saw the comment earlier. xD
yargan38's avatar
wow that its a very nice 
NimikazeMinato's avatar
Wow....Very very nice...Me like
Grundelius's avatar
Very very interesthing ...
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