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Map of Equestria (Lunaverse)

By Kampzvono
A map of Equestria and surrounding countries.
The world was designed by RainbowDoubleDash for his shared universe, the Lunaverse, which I greatly recommend reading.

Thanks also to Ascension over on Cartographer's Guild, whose tutorial I learned from.

This image is liable to be changed every so often. There is now a CelestiaVerse version here.
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Also, why do people pluralize "Kingdoms" but have it be one nation?

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It's to show that they're a very loose confederation - nominally one country but all the little ones are effectively independant. There are many griffon kings that swear fealty to the Emperor, but basically do their own thing unless the kingdoms are attacked.

Besides, a plural name isn't unknown in our world. The United States, for example.
I only know of 4 of those places. Griffon Kingdom, CE, Cavallia, and Equestria. 

What are those other places? Did you make them up? Also where is the Dragon Lands, and Zebrica at?
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The thread in the Lunaverse group can be found here:…
The Dragons come from the continent north-west, and zebras from the south-east.
Thank you very much for that. And did you make that? If so you are so awesome! 
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This is amazing!!!!!!

along with you celestiaverse map these are by far one of, if not THE most perfect, maps i've ever seen of equestria. the only other map i like nearly enough is the Equestria Divided map by PoorYorick.

definatly better then the official map. that thing is just kind of ...Meh.

in terms of additions, apart from saddle arabia, would be Westmarch form the winningverse. its a griffon  protectorate of Equestria (although i suppose it would be better suited to the Celestia map). If you haven't read "the life and times of a winning pony" YOU SHOULD. Especially "The lunar Rebellion" just wow
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I'll make sure to read that fic and see about putting Westmarch in :)
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its kinda long but its one the only fics i keep on top of these days. Westmarch is never seen though (except for a bit in the lunar rebellion, back when it was called Westmarsh).

the protectorate itself is basically territory taken from the Griffon Empire a couple of centuries back by Celestia. its supposed to be a republic with protectorate status. their military is mentioned as small, but advanced enough that it could hold Griffon Empire forces at bay until Equestria can respond. it was also mentioned as a side note that they might not even need Equestrian backing at this point.

culturally the region is said to have taken after Equestria, so much so that most griffons there don't even eat meat anymore. It's also somewhat mentioned that Gilda may have been from there but it was kinda vague. would make sense though
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I’m considering two possible locations for Westmarch on the CV map – either in the empty area between Detrot and Stalliongrad, or a little slice of the griffin controlled peninsula east of Hippopotamia.
The second option is more lore-accurate, being coastal, but the first option seems to me a more logical place for ponies to set up a puppet/buffer state. Opinions?
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first of all i'm personally surprised you took me up on my addition. considering you wanted this to be a lunaverse representation (except for the Celestia map i suppose, i guess anything could theoretically go in there). i haven't read more then a few spin off stories of the lunaverse myself and the only reason i suggested an addition from the winningverse was because from what i heard all the characters in each are very similar personality wise etc etc.

as for your suggestions, yes that land between Detrot and Stalliongrad would be an excellent location for a buffer state. especially considering that in the fic, the griffons would (and have) focused their attention on reclaiming that territory as apposed to attacking Equestria itself. also while giving Equestria the convenience of a shared boarder when sending assistance. it is handier to travel by land then sea in war after all.

but i think the the second one is more lore-friendly as you said. although i would love to hear why you think so, because your reason is probably different then my reason.

there was a general description of the terrain that would eventually become Westmarch when pegesi raided the area in "the lunar rebellion." its been a while since i read that chapter but i do think it may have been somewhat coastal. the peninsula idea works even better considering that i'm pretty sure i recall the pegasi having to fly over a tract of water to get there. they didn't exactly call it the sea but it was way too big to be any river i could imagine, considering how bloody long it was suggested the journey took 

Either way, it might be prudent to take into consideration the fact that the nearby Equestria territory was primarily earth pony dominated. I've just now combed through the chapter and apart from some issues i honestly wouldn't care about at this point i say if you wanna put it in, put in on the peninsula (btw there is definitely a coast so yay)

and finally sorry, long comment is long
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Could  I assume that the apparent Provence that Equestrias  "U" and a little of "E" reside in,be the location of the North Everfree  Provence  as mentioned by the fic?
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Yeah, that's correct.
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were did zecora come from i need to know my beacause my new oc is a zebra if you know city that zebras live in tell me plz my oc is also a guard her name is spearminty 

Sweating a little... :o (Eek) I am a dummy! I think I've fainted. 
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Zebras come from the continent to the South-East
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Equestria: Home of Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns.

Griffin Kingdom: Home of the Griffins. (Duh.)

The Mild West: I'm going to guess just Earth Ponies and Changelings.

Crystal Empire: Home of the Crystal Ponies, who are no different than Earth Ponies other than they live in the Crystal Empire.

Elkhiem: Home of the Elks. Which is probably this world elves.

Hippogriff State: Home of the Hippogriffs. (The weaker younger cousins of the Griffins.)

Alpaclan: Home of the mysterious Alpacas.

Tapira: Home of the Tapir, whom everypony just leave alone.

The rest: I have no idea.
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ok then but when]re do all the dragons and humans live?
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Humans live in an alternate dimension. Duh. And Dragons don't live in a single country with cities. They sometimes travel in packs, but usually live solitary lives up in mountains, volcanos, etc. That help explain things?
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All of  the nations surrounding Equestria are pony lands (their names basically mean 'horse-land' in various languages), and the Mild West is buffalo- in canon Equestria that's where Appleoosa is. And Naqah has camels.
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It's Basque for 'horse' :P
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I was just trying to figure out what would be the majority species that lives in those countries. And I can't believe I forgot the buffalo and camels!
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This is a great map, you should add Saddle Arabia in that vast unclaimed desert :P
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