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You maybe want to check out :iconzaphironcalnoir:s profile and work!

He currently is taking commissions and needs some money:
 Commission Sheet by ZaphironCalNoir

So maybe consider him next time you want to order some cool stuff!


Do you want to get a sketch of your character in some cool clothing?
I'm saving money to buy myself some pirate clothes. To get the money more quickly, I'm here to offer you sketch commissions!

You will get a sketch like this:………
fullbody, black and white, clothes of your choice

for 20€/22$.

Anthros and humans are both welcome!

Payment would be via PayPal.

Send me a note!


I'm selling my anthro playing card set!

- See the full set here! -

One set contains 55 cards for many traditional card games. They come in tin boxes for save storage.

1 Set: 28$ / 25€
2 Sets: 50$ / 45€

You may need two sets/ 110 cards for games like Rommé/Rummy and Canasta. If you order 2 sets, they will have different colours on the backs (red and blue). If you order one set, you may choose the colour of the back.

Germany: 2,50€
International: 7€ / 8$

Payment is via PayPal.

Send me a note if interested!
Just go and watch me on other sites :P

- mixed stuff

- my main furry related gallery

- sketches and mixed stuff