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Kerenti Morl and Beramot by Kampfkewob Kerenti Morl and Beramot by Kampfkewob
My characters Kerenti Morl and Beramot :>
You can find a christmas edition of this picture on tumblr :D

Kerenti Morl is one of the two great Gods of my headworld and he made Beramot soon after the World was made. Not much later they fell in love with each other, but the other God, the Goddess Nagazi, was jealous. So she had Beramot killed and Kerenti was in great pain. He wanted to resurrect him, but he is only the shepherd and guardian of the souls and not the physical world, so he needed Nagazi to give Beramot his body back. But she didn't want to do it right away - she offered him a contract: Beramot would recieve immortality, he would come back every time he dies, but he would loose all the memories he had of Kerenti. This wasn't a good deal for him, but the only way he could have his love back. So he agreed. Beramot was revived. But he never came back together with Kerenti - everytime he would fall in love with him, Nagazi would have him killed and after a while, Kerenti didn't try to be with him again. It broke his heart every time he saw him die. They eventually became friends, but the love was only one-sided since then.
(I hope my English is alright >.>)

Made this to practice painting faces and I really like it. They are so cute together <3
Renpet Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
Wie traurig!!! D:
Meh :(

So ein schönes Bild... so eine grausame Geschichte...

Ich habe einmal in einem Manga gelesen (sinngemäß), dass es für die Liebe nicht wichtig ist, ob der andere einen zurückliebt. Wichtig ist nur, dass es ihn gibt und man an ihn denkt und die Gefühle erhalten bleiben, auch wenn der Geliebte weit entfernt/unerreichbar ist... Aber für einen Gott, der immer und alles sehen kann.. Ach, das ist so schwer.

Aber ich mag Beramots Frisur :D
Schiraki Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thats a very cruel headworld you have T^T
How sad...

But great illustration!
Kampfkewob Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know, life is hard in my world D:

But thanks!
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