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Grim Reaper Pumpkin

This year, I carved the grim reaper (from my own pattern). It took six hours to prepare and carve the pumpkin.

My pattern:…

My carving tutorial (shows the setup for this jack-o'-lantern):…
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very little cut out but super effective technique. bravo
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Thanks! I try to combine both techniques, but some patterns
require more cutting out than others.

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Very, very nice.
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damn, you have a lot of patience for this...and it paid off.
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Blows MY reaper carving out of the water >_>
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this is awesome! very inspiring, too :) maybe i will carve a pumpkin later!
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That's great, but seen that pattern before.... Did you allow other sites to use it?
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I have not shared the pattern with anyone. I haven't seen anything like it on any pattern Web site. However, since I made it from a source image, it's possible that someone has worked from the same source image.

Or maybe you have just seen the source image, and that's why my image looks familiar to you: [link]

If you have a link to a similar pattern or pumpkin, feel free to share it. I always like to see what other people are doing.
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I was browsing The Pumpkin Wizard, and I found the pattern that you might have seen. It appears to have been made from the same source image as mine. I didn't know about this other pattern when I made mine. (If you look closely, you can see the differences. Mine is a lot more detailed, and I rounded the image so that it did not appear to be cropped.)
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.. This is a pumpkin? My god it looks like a DRAWING. This.. Needs to be a DD.
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Thanks. You can see the whole pumpkin (in the light) here: [link]
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Man, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen xDD
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Simply awesome! :wow:
Good luck with the contest! :D
Outstanding! I was looking at a screenful of entries and this one jumps out at you, and thanks for the tutorial !!
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Wow. I'm not sure what else to say, but Wow. :D That is a perfect carving there, extremely impressive :)
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Do you have a picture of it in the light? I'd like to see the full product.
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Yep! Apparently, there is no way to attach a second picture (without uploading them side-by-side and messing up my thumbnail), so I added a link to my original post.
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Fantastic! To think, all of the varying thicknesses of the carves. I would never have the patience, I tell you.
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