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SPN - 3 Wise Monkeys by kamori12, visual art

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Name : /
Nickname : Goes by the names "kamo" ; "k12" ; "rubberduck" and "ahate"
Localisation : To Lose
Hobbies : eating human flesh for breakfast, drawing human porn on mid-day and writing some more at noon
Likes : many things
Dislikes : many other things
Side-notes : approach with caution, bites quite a lot.

Favourite Visual Artist
My mum, Kaori Yuki, TEH Hewlett, David Mack, Janry, blah...
Favourite Movies
UGH can't count
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Goooooooooooooooooooooorillaz !
Favourite Writers
Oscar Wilde
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Vagrant Story, .Hack, Legend of Kyrandia, and... Phoenix Wright !
Favourite Gaming Platform
Saboo, my compy
Other Interests
Drawing, writing, yaoi, eating and making fun of serious people !

Coming back from the grave

0 min read
Guess it's been quite a long time uh ? There's been not much change since last time I came here, as far as I can see ! Same good old deviantART ! As for me, here's a quick update to let you guys I'm still alive ! Soooo. My scanner is still broken. Big news uh ? I haven't worked enough time or money to get this baby fixed, but one day, perhaps, I'll sort it out ! As for myself well... Now I can finally log on dA without any fear of being block by any stupid sort of uni security. I moved in my very own flat, that I share with two dorks I love, and we're up to many shenanigans. So what changed about this dA account ? Apart from my Journal S
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Guess I lost this war uh?

0 min read
HEY GAIZ As I already told you in many earlier entries, I'm having quite a hard time to log into dA. Why? Because my Internet provider is a bitch. In a few words, I'm using the Internet acces of my uni since I live on the campus. And since there are several laws about the protection of rights or whatso that our dear President has signed, the public accesses are slowly degradating. As a matter of facts, most websites are being locked down and labelled as irrelevant to our studies. When I say most, I'm not even joking here. The Internet's gone wild, and useful websites such as pictures hosters (imageshacks, photobucket) have been censored. It
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Free Sketches, grab one !

0 min read
What what WHAAAT??? So it seems I finally get to come back on dA after all this time having no access to it (remember, it got banned by that Assbutt called the Crous, France's most evil creation along with eating snails or la Poste). But when I came back to check my messages... GEEZ LOUISE You guys have been incredibly active ! My inbox is so full I hardly believe the numbers ! O_o;; I won't be physically able to answer you lots, but I really wanna thank everyone who've faved/watched/commented my works while I was out. I really mean it ! So to thank all of you guys, and since it's Summer and Summer means (technically) more time, I'm up
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Merci pour le watch et le lama :D (Big Grin) 
Hey, I don't know when you're going to read this, but I just wanted to say that it aways makes me happy to see new arts from you, I wish you didn't have such a hard time accessing DA, and that both of us were less busy... I miss the fun times with my fandom twin! :heart: That said, I'm just looking forward to your stuff, and maybe to accomplishing some of mine! x3 Just sending some creativity your way! xDD
P'tite kamo!! Petit coucou, de passage sur ta page ^,^
J'espère que tu vas bien, gros bisous! :heart:
Heyyyyy madame !
Désolée de pas avoir répondu plus tôt, j'ai d'énormes problèmes avec la censure un peu abusée du Crous en ce moment (ils ont banni deviantart et pas mal d'autres sites d'utilité publique de leur réseau, résultat : impossible de se connecter ! D: )
J'espère que toi aussi tu vas bien ! :3 Bisous <3
Vii ca va bien!
C'est moche que dA fasse partie des sites bloqués par le Crous o_O tu es obligée de te connecter chez toi ou tes parents alors?
Qu'est-ce que tu fais comme études actuellement? J'ai du retard à rattraper =P
FRIENDSHIP WEEK~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~
Send this to at least 15 people you love
including me if you care 4 me! *Let's see how many hearts you get!*
Please continue sending your own love to those you care for.
FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore it ♥♥
Wanna continue to be friends/catch up? As I left for you on Y!gallery, we haven't had a nice conversation for about a year. :3

How've you been, Kamo?

x N