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The Last Day by KamonPeachFox The Last Day :iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 3 11
Average Siblings
"Sis…! Hey, sis, come here!" The voice of annoyance once again rings throughout the house. I sigh, and look at my computer longingly. It would be nice if I could just ignore the voice, but I am going to be stuck with him for the rest of my life.
I close out of the internet to lessen lag, and type a quick "Be right back, my little brother wants me," trying to show as little interest as possible… Although I am really wishing he would grow up. Seriously, he's what… 12? Come on.
As I get out of my chair and over, and up, the stairs, I pass many pictures of us. Most of them are of us as children. I laugh as I pass my favorite, the one we took while playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". I had "accidentally" stabbed him with the tail.
When I FINALLY reach the top of the steps, he runs to greet me. "Sis, sis, it's really-really-really bad!" He shouts at me.
"What? It can't be worse than the time you were taking a bath and the kitten fell in because you didn't check before lockin
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 9 22
Leon Magnus Fangirl by KamonPeachFox Leon Magnus Fangirl :iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 2 2
TotA - Miracle +Luke x Tear+
"Tue rei ze croa riou tue ze..." A girl's voice started to brush through the valley.

"Croa riou ze tue riou rei neu riou ze..." The moon seemed to shine even brighter with her song in play.

"Va rei ze tue neu tue riou tue croa..." The girl didn't hesitate for a second, singing as she had done for the past 708 days.

"Riou rei croa riou ze rei va ze rei..." Something in the air today seemed different to the girl, as if something was waiting in the night.

"Va neu va rei va neu va ze rei..." She quickly took her mind back to the song, and thought of him.

"Croa riou croa neu tue rei croa riou ze rei va..." For 708 days, she sang for him, and him alone.

"Rei va neu croa tue rei rei." She ended her song, and waited.

But for 708 days she had not gotten an answer.

She stood up quietly, and turned around. "He didn't come..." She whispered. She wanted to believe in his promise that he would be back... But could she really?

She started to walk through the field of flowers quietly,
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 55 48
ToS - Best Friends OLD
Genis rummaged through his old things. "Oh!" Genis gasped as his hand touched a small rubber thing, and he pulled out his first kendama.


Genis walked into the classroom, he was the teacher's assistant, although the teacher was retiring in a couple years, and his sister was going to take over. At least, that's what she said.

"Genis!" A young boy with a mess of brown hair waved, patting the seat next to him. Genis grinned and walked over.

"Did'cha do your homework, Lloyd?" He asked.

"Yeah, of course!" Lloyd glared at the young boy.

"...Uh-huh." Genis smirked.

"I did, really!" Lloyd glared.

Colette turned around from her seat in front of them, "He really did, Genis! He was over at my house at the time! He kept shouting 'argh this is im... im...' and then trailing off."

Lloyd glared at Colette, "Too much info!" Lloyd said, shaking his head.

"O-oh! I... I'm sorry!" Colette blushed.

"It's 'kay Colette!" Genis grinned.

The teacher coughed. "It's time to start class."

The trio
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 19 9
ToS: Kratos' Real Job OLD
"Hey, Kratos?" Lloyd walked over, unable to sleep.
"What is it, Lloyd?" Kratos turned his head to look at the brunette.
"I couldn't sleep, tell me something interesting." Lloyd sighed.
"...Hm." Kratos rolled his eyes in his head, as Lloyd sat down next to him. "And what should this story be about?"
"...I dunno... Oh, I know! Were you ever really a mercenary?" Lloyd asked.
"Long ago, in order to make money for my mission." Kratos nodded.
"Your mission?" Lloyd asked.
"...Yes, to free half-elves from slavery." Kratos sighed.
"...Ah..." Lloyd nodded, knowingly.
"...But it wasn't what I wanted to be, when I was little..." Kratos muttered.
"What did you want to be?" Lloyd asked.
"...I wanted to publish a newspaper." Kratos looked up to the stars.
"Huh? You? Why?" Lloyd asked.
"When I was young I loved reading books. I thought I could never write as good as that, so I decided for some reason I could write a newspaper." Kratos smirked, "Although I didn't realize that newspaper publishers don't
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 6 8
Tales of Symphonia ID by KamonPeachFox Tales of Symphonia ID :iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 0 1
How Could We End Up Like This?
It wasn't originally the wrong thing to do.
Originally, we wanted to save the worlds.
How could it have gone so wrong?

"Kratos! Hey, Kratos!" I rolled over, as the overly hyper voice rang out.
"...Just a few more minutes..." I groaned.
"Kratos, we have to go find Sylph! Come on, Kratos!" The voice was getting impatient.
"..." I groaned, and sat up, then opened my eyes. Mithos was staring at me, grinning.
"Good morning!" He grinned, and skipped over to annoy Yuan.
I rubbed my eyes, rather annoyed to have been woken up when the sun was barely up. Oh well, that's a kid for you.
Hard to imagine he's fighting Summon Spirits to save the world, and end the Kharlan War, and every other war, once and for all.
I sat up, just in time to see Mithos creep up behind Yuan, who was pouting for some reason or another, and place boxers over his head.
"Aaaagh!" Yuan shouted, and whipped them off (his head,) and whirled around to face Mithos, who was running off. "Mithos!"
"Stop fighting, you
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 6 8
ToS - What am I Now? OLD
I was once a hero.
But now I am...
What am I now?
I followed Mithos' ideals, and caused the deaths of many.
Among the dead was my own wife.
Now my son fights to stop Mithos.
Should I fight with him?
I want too, but would it put him in danger?
The only way I can help him...
...Is by dying.
I'll die, if I release him.
But would that be for the best?
"Lord Kratos." A voice awoke me from my thoughts, and I glanced over to an angel.
"What is it?" I mumbled.
"Lord Yggdrasill told me to tell you the Chosen of Tethe'alla has successfully kidnapped the Chosen of Sylvarant. He wants you to make sure the traps set for the others work." Looks like my decision is made for me.
"Very well." I got up, and walked out, and teleported to the Tower of Salvation, and worked backward.
I make sure the traps worked, yes.
But I would also rescue them.
I quickly teleported down, but I used the Seraphim code, as to not run into the others.
"You shall not pass!"
...That was Regal, I looked throug
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 10 3
The Search Kingdom Hearts CH6
Kairi walked towards the docks bouncing slightly with each step she took, humming a happy yet sad tune to herself, as she noticed Riku pulling up on his canoe slowly, she jumped up and down and waved at him. "Hey, Riku!" She smiled as she shouted out his now familiar name, and jogged closer to the dock. Riku looked up, and smiled back at her, as he stood up a little wobbly, careful to not fall out of the boat, and quickly pulled himself onto the dock heftily. "What's up?" She asked as she slowed down, and walked closer.

"Hey, Kairi," Riku nodded at her, "I had some trouble getting here, my Dad was keeping a close eye on me for some reason..." He sighed. He was always the one who worried the most about getting caught and stopped from going to their island.

"Oh, well, at least you got away! Right?" Kairi grinned happily. Riku flashed a rare smile at her.

"Yeah... Oh, hey, have you seen Sora?" Riku asked, and her eyes widened for a second, but she quickly composed herself before Riku
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 7 3
Fall in Love With Me - CH3
11 Years to the Day had Passed Since That Day...

...And Amu had not seen Ikuto since that day.

She had moved in to live with his sister, defying her parents wish for her to come to England with them. Utau was a famous singer, and Amu had discovered she was also a beautiful singer, and often sung duets with her, and occasionally solos.

One day, two tall dark-blue-almost-black haired men were walking. "Ugh... It's been ages... I can't remember where my own house is!" The younger one complained, but then he heard something, and looked up at the giant TV screen above them.

"I still remember your voice~" A girl's voice sung.

"Where are you? Are you safe? Are you okay?" The voice continued, and he stared transfixed at the screen.

"You left me behind, before I could say the three words I needed to say~" The man next to him stopped as well, and looked up.

"I made a wish, and it was granted~" The song continued.

"Ikuto-kun, do you know that girl or something?" The older man sp
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 53 31
Fall in Love with Me - CH2
"Amu-chan..." A blond-haired boy whispered, sadness in his voice.

"She didn't come..." A blond haired girl whispered, her voice a sad symphony.

They watched in sadness as the tall figure disappeared into the crowd, with a wave of his hand.


"What do you mean I'm at the wrong terminal?!" Amu shouted at a guard.

"Exactly what it sounds like. Flight 750 is at the other side." The man in blue pointed. "WAY over there."

"No!!" She shouted, and began to run, as fast as was humanly possibly.

"Hop, Step, Jump!" A voice rang in her head, and she felt as though she could run to America and back, never mind the water.

10 Minutes Later

"Amu-chan!!" The blond haired boy shouted, as she appeared in the distance, and the heart in her hair faded to a red 'X'.

"You're too late! Ikuto's already gone!" The blond haired girl scolded her, and Amu looked up, a pained expression in her eyes.

"N-no!" She gasped, and broke into a run.

"Amu-chan, wait! You can't go thro-
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 31 4
Fall in Love With Me - CH1
The moonlight filtered in through the window as she unlocked it, as she did every
night. The pink haired girl took a step out, and looked out through the balcony.
Then, she started to hum a song to herself.
"Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~" She paused then continued, "Hmmm~
Hmmm Hmmm~"
"Hmm~ Hmmm~ Hmm~ Hmmm~" She didn't stop this time, "Hmmm~ Hmmm~
"Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~" Her thoughts began to wander, "Hmmm~
Hmmm~ Hmmm~"
"Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~" They drifted towards... him. "Hmmm~
Hmmm~ Hmmm~"
"If you'll be mine, I'll be yours," She started to sing, "Yours!"
"Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~" She started to hum louder, keeping the rhythm.
"Fall in love with me, before tomorrow falls~" She sang with pure emotion. "If
you'll be mine, I'll be yours!"  
A dark-blue-almost-black haired boy was walking a few blocks away, as he heard
her song.
"Hmmm~ Hmmm~ Hmmm~" Her humming continued, and drifted towards him.
He raised an eyebrow, and started to edge towards a nearby house.
"I want to hold you.
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 45 18
The Storm - Namixas
Lightning struck the water near the island, and two identical yelps were heard. Of course, not everyone could hear the second shout... For not everyone could see her... Except for one other, who was in a similar predicament.
"Aw come on, Namine it's just a small storm." A boy with blond hair spoke, hints of laughter in his voice, turning his head slightly towards another blond, however, this one was a girl.
"I'd feel better if we were somewhere... warmer." She whispered, although it was more of a whimper, looking out towards the window, although she could barely see anything.
"Well, the only other place is that cave, and I'm pretty sure that it would be wet, not warm." He sighed softly, trying to not let on that he felt the same way... It was pretty freezing in this little hut on the island.
"...Yeah, you're right, Roxas..." Namine sighed, in tune with another sigh as another boy spoke similar words to a girl with red hair, who seemed to be in exactly the same place, exactly the same p
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 18 30
Discovery - Kingdm Hearts CH5
Sora yawned loudly, stretching his arms, looking around lazily. He walked into the Secret Place, that Riku had discovered. He brushed past the vines as he walked through, yawning again. He planned to escape for a while and rest. He felt his way along the stone wall, taking care not to trip over the rocks. He didn't even bother to let his eyes adjust, for sleep would come soon. He walked over to a corner nearing a rock with a picture of the sun, that blurred with every breath he took. He plopped down onto the ground, and yawned one last time. He quickly fell asleep, leaning against the rock.
"Sora?" Kairi asked as she walked over to the quiet tree filled area, and looked around, seeing quite easily because of the shade. She didn't see him anywhere. He wasn't beneath the coconut trees... He wasn't hiding behind any boxes... "Argh, where is he..." She sighed disappointed, looking around. She climbed up some ledges, annoyed, and saw he wasn't hiding in the trees either. "...I'll go loo
:iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 20 39
Kingdom Hearts ID v1 by KamonPeachFox Kingdom Hearts ID v1 :iconkamonpeachfox:KamonPeachFox 18 10

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Horrible title is horrible.

But seriously. I wrote this post on one of the forums I go to:


Time for a lecture on "Why Kamon Likes Richard!". Because she's bored.

A long, long time ago, in a state far, far away. There lived a young girl named Kamon. She was in an IM group with her other little friends, and one of them posted a link to a YouTube video with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World battle footage in it.

Naturally, little Kamon loved everything about it and went out and bough that and the original.

After beating the sequel many times, she decided it was time to play the original.

Now, little Kamon has never really experienced a video game besides Pokemon.


But then, she saw little Mithos, or as she liked to call him "Mii". She had this awful habit of nicknaming everything she came across. Even her teachers had nicknames!

So, little Kamon liked little Mii. Then spoilers happened. And little Kamon became depressed.

So, little Kamon began writing horrible bad self-insert fanfiction.

Then later little Kamon grew into big Kamon!

She learned "Aselia".

Big Kamon used Aselia on Google.

It's Super Effective!

Big Kamon discovers that the Tales of Symphonia she oh so loved was a series!

Oh, Big Kamon just had to have every single game.

What's this? Some are in Japanese?


And so, Big Kamon became an importer all because of little Mii.

Then, one day, a shiny new Tales game was announced.

It was SHINY.

And NEW!

And... It had...


Big Kamon was really excited, despite the fact she had screamed "MII!!" in the midde of the school library.

Big Kamon HAD to have this game. She didn't care that this Richard person was only a Mii look alike when he was a child.

She HAD to have this game.

She had to have a Mii with better graphics.

Then she discovered it was on the Wii.

The Wii.

She had always had a fear of modding Nintendo consoles ever since somebody hacked her Animal Crossing: Wild Word game and broke it.

Kamon is still upset about that.

So, whilst everyone talked of how Tales will become PS3, she decided that maybe, just MAYBE, there could be a port to the PS3.

So Big Kamon just settled for watching a million YouTube videos a day of her beloved Richard-Mii.

Then she got out of her fangirl mode, and became Sort-Of-Mature Kamon.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon had by then imported quite a few games. One of her favorites was Tales of Destiny. When asked which version she prefers, she rambles on incoherently and ends with "So, the answer is PAPAYAS!". So, maybe she isn't that mature after all.

In any case, she decided to come back to a nice place called Tales Series Forum. There, she met other Tales of Destiny fans. All was well.

THEN. There was news of Tales of Graces getting subbed! GASP.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon watched her beloved Richard actually make SENSE!

She watched those videos many times.

Many, many times.

Then the updates stopped being frequent, and Sort-Of-Mature was sad.

But she still had her beloved Tales of Destiny games too-

Haaang on a second.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon looked at Leon.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon looked at Richard.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon looked at Leon.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon looked at Richard.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon looked at Leon.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon then looked back at Richard, and laughed.

She realized the reason she liked Leon so much was because Richard's moonspeak had somehow made sense to her.

Then her brother laughed at her and told her to stop being into girly men.

Sort-Of-Mature Kamon kindly told her brother to shut up.

Time passed, and Kamon relieved her anger of being unable to play Tales of Graces into playing Tales of Destiny games.



She entered her username and password into MSN!

She logged on!


She read these words:

"PS3 Graces has been confirmed."

She went into a frenzy! She hurried to the Tales Series Discussion on the Tales Series Forums...

And indeed. Tales of Graces PS3 was confirmed.

Much fangirling was had that day.


Wait, what am I writing....... ._____.


What did I just write.


I dub this post:
The Autobiography of a Bored Fangirl
Written in a Bored Third Person Tone by



In any case, I shall now tell you my most intimate secret.

I went to school yesterday. :la:

Only bad thing is I saw my psycho lesbian stalker. :|

This is what happened:


Me: (OH GOD NO) -super speed walk to my destination-


Teacher: 0_o A-are you okay...?

This concludes the Interesting Things that Happened to Kamon at School.


-goes to find a good, free blog site-

My avatar is by ~:icondoctorduckie:
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