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Welcome to the world of Kamitsune!

A blend of mystical elementals and fox spirits (Kitsune), Kamitsune are inherently magical creatures who reside in all corners of the world. It is said they are descended from the Elemental Gods (Kami) themselves. They live in a parallel realm called the Spirit World, separated from the Human World by a thin sheen of magic only visible to the Kamitsune.

Gallery Folders

Devi Trait Sheet by Tsuzukikun
Kamitsune Trait Guide by Tsuzukikun
Kamitsune Wing Sizes by Tsuzukikun
Kamitsune Nose and Eye type Examples by Tsuzukikun
CLAIMED! Kamitsune Adopts #107-109 by Tsuzukikun
CLOSED!! Kamitsune Adopts #104-106 by Tsuzukikun
Kamitsune Dango Adopt- CLOSED by Unisamas-Art
CLOSED! Kamitsune Adopts #101-103 by Tsuzukikun
[KamitsuneAdopts] Wormwood Wanderer Custom by wandering-kotka
[KamitsuneAdopts] Will o' the Wisp Custom by wandering-kotka
[KamitsuneAdopts] Ruined Diva Custom by wandering-kotka
[KamitsuneAdopts] Road Warrior Custom by wandering-kotka

Mature Content

Kamitsune Custom: Diluculi by Jyinxe
KTA: Runerigus Devi Custom by Diluculi
Punk Sound by Sketching-Panda-Ren
MYO: Kamitsune Devi Rei by PhiannaRose
Floof Art
ACEO Aleya by nickyflamingo
Patreon NEXT LEVEL Reward - Freya by Tsuzukikun
Takara by PhiannaRose
Devi Jasmin by PhiannaRose
Lineart and Sketches
Reward Aisha and Ty'aria by nickyflamingo
Reward Nightshade by nickyflamingo
Mitsuo for Nickyflamingo by dayaja
Doodle Busts Dior Ida Harrow by nickyflamingo

Mature Content

Psycho YCH 7/8 slots OPEN by Middynx
male kamitsune relationship JPEG by ValestyCross
Lyrra's relationship form  by ValestyCross
KamiTsune Relationship form female PSD version by ValestyCross
[CLOSED] Kamitsune Custom MYOsInspired by @Diluculi 's recent Kami Customs and @Tsuzukikun 's recent flood of adorable @KamiTsuneAdopts , I'm opening a few custom slots myself. Read on for details!Slots Available:OTA: x1Tier 1: Nude/UnderwearTier 2: Nude + Clothed*Clothed is more work for me, please keep this in mind if offering for Tier 2.Flat Price: x2$40 - Tier 1: Nude/Underwear$50 - Tier 2: Nude + ClothedSlot Includes:MYO ticket from my own stash of Mod MYOs. Traits include: Unlimited Common, Uncommon, Rare traits, and up to 2 Legendary, 1 Epic or Mythic trait per slot.Male or female base. If female, I will be using @Tsuzukikun 's chibi Kamitsune base, if male I will rig something of the same proportions.OPTIONAL: OutfitExample Designs:,How This Works!These are not first come-first serve, nor are they high bid wins. When commenting for a slot, please include some information on what you're looking for in terms of design. I've included a small list below to help you. I will be choosing which offers to take based on a combination of offer (for the OTA) and how much the design idea clicks with me (OTA and Flat Price).Design Info:The more info, the better! If you don't know yet for any of the below or are open to ideas, feel free to leave them blank.Angea or Devi: Element:Theme:PaletteHairstyle: Species Traits: Clothing: Design Yays and Nays:Grab A Slot:OTA:Comment Thread: do not offer money for this one, that's what the flatsale is for. Open to: Art, CS Premades, Adopts, MYOs, Customs, surprise me. Cooperative offers/offer add-ons are allowed. So as to keep things fair (and easy for me to track) only one person may aid you in your offer.Flat Price 1: ($40 Nude - $50 Clothed)Comment Thread: Price 2:preclaim in mod chat - @Unisamas-Art Timeline:Depending on response, I hope to select slot winners by the end of the weekend (Jan 17th) though may extend the opening through next Wednesday (Jan 20th). I hope to have all customs completed within a month, but please keep in mind that I am a freelancer and have little control over when my workload explodes, orz.CLOSED
Offering Kamistune Customs [CLOSED]I have accumulated quite a few MYO slots for :iconkamitsuneadopts: and I have no real plan for what to do with them. So I decided to offer 2 customs if there is interest for that.Please note, these are not first come first served! See below for how to enter.Available Traits:Unlimited Common, Uncommon, Rare traits, and up to 2 Legendary, 1 Epic or Mythic trait per slot.I will be using a base for these for sanity reasons. A list of examples can be found at the bottom.How to enter:Custom 1 will be a available for sale and Custom 2 will be OTA. Please do not offer money o the second custom, that's what the first one is for.To enter for either, please reply to the corresponding comment for Custom 1 or Custom 2 with a theme for your custom and I will pick the theme and offer I feel most drawn to.Important note: For now, I will only do female designs, mainly because that's the base I have and want to use. I might offer male customs another time.You may enter for both, but I will only choose you once!Form (optional, but considered helpful):Angea or Devi: let me know if you have a preference or notTheme: this can be basically anything, like circus, steampunk, sci-fi, an element, a gemstone, flowers, etc.Palette: if you have palette in mind, either describe it or link me visuals of itHairstyle: if you have a specific one in mind, add a detailed description or visual reference Traits: if you have decided on them already, list them hereClothing*: leave link to visual references here. Also, let me know if this is a rough style guide or if you want a specific outfit from your link. Please don't drop a ton of links here, one or two are enough (pintrest boards are fine!)Likes: Tell me what you like on a design and would like me to includeDislikes: Things you don't want on your designExtra: anything else I should know*Important Note: Outfits mean more work for me, so I will be more picky for them regarding OTA offers.Time Frame: I will leave this open until Dec 19th or so or if there is an offer or theme I cannot refuse. I intend to work on the customs during the holiday/upcoming lockdownCustom 1:Please indicate which option you want when replying to the comment!Option 1 (no clothes): $40Option 2 (1 outfit): $50All payments will go to @Jyinxe to help with medical bills!Enter here: 2:Please indicate which option you want when replying to the comment!Option 1 (no clothes)Option 2 (1 outfit)Enter here: here: will be using this base,,,,,
Icons and Pixels
[Squishi Icons] Test Batch by wandering-kotka
COMM :: Ty'aria Pagedoll by starscreaminq
OC: TH Icon Batch 6 by Erii-chii
[Kamitsune] Damien Icon by wandering-kotka

Mature Content

ACEO Zayah by nickyflamingo
Angea to Devi Corruption


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Recent Journal Entries

Kamitsune Secret Exchange!
Hello my darling floofs!! It's been a while, I know! Things have been crazy everywhere, and I'm so sorry things have not been very active here lately. I am trying to manage my time, and hopefully will have some new babes soon! In the meantime, how about we jump into the giving spirit with a Secret Exchange!! Who doesn't love random art of their babes?! I know we love it!! Secret Exchanges are a great way to get to know other artists you might not have had a chance to meet before, plus they're just so much fun!
Sign ups will run until November 13th, and participants will be randomly assigned someone else to draw for. You will then have until Janurary 22nd, 2021 to finish your assignment, and you can post as soon as you are finished!
Sign Ups: Nov 5 - Nov 13th, 2020
Assignments Sent: Nov 14-15th, 2020
Deadline for posting: Jan 22nd, 2021
~ You MUST have a Kamitsune already. References are helpful! This is not a way for you to get someone to design a MYO slot for you.
~ You MUST be a member of the group, otherwise you'll be unable to post your pretty arts! And we wanna see 'em! <3
~ Images must be AT LEAST 1/2 of a body and fully coloured. Please put as much effort into your secret assignment as you would like to see given to your own babes. <3
~ All art must be your own. No tracing, bases or dollmakers. Pixel art IS allowed, but the base must be your own, and credit must be given to all resources used that are not your own.
~ You MUST be able to complete your assignment on time. If you don't think you'll be able to finish before the deadline, it might be best to sit this one out. But don't worry! We will be hosting these frequently, so you can always sign up for the next one!
~ If you do sign up, and something happens that prevents you from finishing your assignment, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements!! However we suggest trying to get your assignment done early to prevent this!
~ You MAY post your assignment as soon as you are done!! <33
~ If you have any concerns about participants, such as preferring not to draw for someone in particular, or wish to not receive from a specific person you see signed up, please NOTE the GROUP before Nov 14th and we will happily accommodate. This is kept entirely confidential. ~ If you have any other questions, concerns or comments, please note the group and we'd be happy to answer and help!
~ Have fun!
Please fill out this form:
Character: ( you may link up to 3 for your Secret Artist to choose from )
Personality of floof(s): (just a brief little blurb is good!)
Willing to be a pick up artist: Yes/No
@nickyflamingo (gift finished)
@Jyinxe (gift finished)
@Phianna (gift finished)
@charreddragonchi (gift finished)
@Sketching-Panda-Ren (gift finished)
@Black-Angel-of-Mercy (gift finished)
@NekoChanTheKitty (gift finished)
@dayaja (gift finished)
@Tessera-Arts (gift finished)
@Ra-Punzelle (gift finished)
@Tsuzukikun (gift finished)
Kamitsune SS 2020 - Bijou
Kamitsune Exchange: Amaryllis
- Kamitsune Exchange - Ty'aria
Secret KamiTsune Exchange: Ukina
Kamitsune Secret Exchange Kaipo
Illusionary Thinker
Secret Santa:Rei
Secret Exchange - ACEO #359 - Ama
[Secret Exchange] Madeline Time!
Secret Exchange: Maevis
Kamitsune Secret Exchange: Adnacia
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CrownFoxStar Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey love! Was wondering if the group would put up a relationship journal to make it easier for everyone to pair up and make friends and etc?
DarkfireVengeance Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018
Because I’m all new to this whole thing, but I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who could design a fox form of Raina, my rainbow babe, who I could commission?
Tsuzukikun Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heya sweetie! Sorry for the delay in reply. Been suuuper busy. Anyway, if you don't mind waiting a little til maybe next week, I can squeeze in the fox form, that is if you don't mind my super pudge cheeb foxes lol Price range for it would be anywhere between $5-10 depending on if you wanted the basic cheeb type forms I do (tailored cute pose though, not base sitting one) or something a bit more elaborate/larger/normal shaped lol. 
DarkfireVengeance Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018
That’s okay. I was being patient ^^

That would be awesome <3 I’ll wait for that <3
Tsuzukikun Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're fabulous, thank you! My time at a computer is usually pretty limited lol BUT feel free to send me a note with the style of kit you'd like (standard pudge-cheeb ($5) or more detailed real-fox normal size ($10) ), personality so I can get an idea for a pose, and you're paypal so I can invoice you later. I'll try to get it done soon as I can! <3
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MajikkanBeingsUnite Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! :wave:
Do Kamitsunes live in an Open Universe (that is, is it fully canon for them to meet other Original Species characters and other Original Characters?)
If so, :iconopenuniverses: has a list we'd like to add them to!
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