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We are Reborn

By KamiRenee
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You're the queen, and I'm your servant.
We're a pitiable pair of twins separated by our fate.
I'm willing to become evil for you,
if only so that I could protect you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Manga/Anime: Vocaloid - Story of Evil version -
Characters: Rin & Len Kagamine
Cosplayer: :iconredcurse: :iconkiba-kuun:
Photographer: :iconmortenw:
Location: Genkicon 2011
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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© 2011 - 2021 KamiRenee
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Sui31's avatar
This is-- wow <3
You both look amazing! 
And I love on how you did the color splash in the picture<3
slushie2's avatar
were did you get the dress?! its so beautiful!!!
KamiRenee's avatar
The dress is completely handcrafted by the bearer :)
Luumies's avatar
You are very cute together! Nice cosplays!:3
SammySaps's avatar
Nice. VERY nice. :heart:
Lyrratic's avatar
wao, that wig styling is fantabulous.
KamiRenee's avatar
Thank you so much, we hope to have some better shots taken soon, with more fab going on in the wig department 8D
Lyrratic's avatar
Whoa. MORE fab?! Freaking wig geniuses you guys are. I tend to just kinda... plop it on my head and... pray. :D

KamiRenee's avatar
Nooeh, could never do that, I need to hate my wig at least through 2 stylings, and THEN like it xD
Lyrratic's avatar
...That must require amazing patience. o_o dang.
KamiRenee's avatar
I actually have VERY LITTLE patience, I'm just indecisive xD
TopazRubyQueen's avatar
Wow, this is the best Daughter/Servant of Evil cosplay I've seen! It's perfect. ^.^
KamiRenee's avatar
Thank you so much, we tried our best not to make it too over the top.
aznaruto08's avatar
Nice cosplay!! So awesome!!
el-f1otakugamer's avatar
CoppuCaykee's avatar
This looks wonderful! :D Great job you two~
SpinkellaSapphire's avatar
Simple, but definitely one of the best and most beautiful Story of Evil cosplays I've come across.
Excellent job! :D Cookies to Princess Rin for looking absolutely captivating and being talented.

Come to think of it, so is Len.
KamiRenee's avatar
Thank you very much, we both appreciate your praise!!
SpinkellaSapphire's avatar
mdarrer's avatar
both look so amazing!
LadyRosyCheek's avatar
Very Beautiful!!!
Lord-Azeran's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen such a stunning pair of SOE cosplayers. And your colors match! I can't help but fawn over that.

KamiRenee's avatar
Thank you so much, we made our best efford to making the shade of yellow all the same!
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