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Down the streets pt.5 - OP x reader

You woke up all huddled against the other body in the bed.
No nightmares, no dreams. Just a long peaceful sleep. It was almost unbelievable.
Stretching your limbs, you gained some distance from your bedmate.
Perona seemed to be calm as well, still asleep under the sheet.
“She truly is beautiful” you thought, watching her perfect diaphanous skin and the long pink locks falling over her face.
Maybe feeling your eyes on her, the girl started to wake up.
She was a stranger, and you were not the kind of person who cares about stranger, not after all that happened to you. Trust was an issue.
«Good morning.» you whispered, rubbing your eye.
She looked confused for a moment, then the night before came back to her mind.
«Good morning. Did we sleep a lot?»
You pointed at your phone, on the night stand on her side on the bed and she reached for it.
«Ups, yes.»
Perona handed it to you. It was 11 am.
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Mature content
Down the streets pt.4 - OP x reader :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 43 5
Down the streets pt.3 - OP x reader
The apartment was a copy of Law’s, the two single rooms taken by the guys, so you and this Perona person were meant to share the double room. With the king sized bed.
Normally, you wouldn’t have agreed to something like that. You needed your privacy. But, right now, there wasn’t much of a choice.
Everybody said it was the best complex of the district, so you didn’t want to picture the others.
Of course you could look for something in another neighbourhood, but that meant getting outside the thick coat of the Orphans’ district, closer to the Family’s territory. There was still a tiny honest voice, in your brain, screaming to you not to get involved in their dirty affairs.
«Seems fine.» you muttered with unsteady voice, once Nami showed you around, with a resigned Bartolomeo sheepishly following.
She clapped her hands, enthusiast.
«Great! Let me just call Perona then, she’s about to start her shift.
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 43 2
Down the streets pt.2 - OP x reader
Shachi rushed in the dining room, almost killing poor Penguin in the process.
Penguin grasped on the table, lifting himself back on his feet, bright pink jam all over his face.
«Yes. Yes, I noticed.»
«It’s probably Law’s.» commented Bepo, not rising his eyes from the magazine he was reading while having breakfast «They always are.»
«But– but– but he doesn’t usually allow them in the bathroom!»
«I know. He really is an ass.»
The ravenette in question entered the room, more grumpy than usual.
«Law, you had a girl stayin’ over??» Shachi burst, hovering around the slender guy.
«You are getting it wrong.» he grunted, taking a seat «She’s… an old friend of mine. She’s travelling around the state and dropped by to say hi.»
Penguin’s eyes widened.
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Down the streets - One Piece x reader [gangs!AU]
You swallowed the cold night air in big sips, as you ran through the streets. The lights of the city mirrored in your wet [e/c] eyes.
It didn’t matter it was getting darker, you couldn’t return to your apartment. Not after what happened that day.
Early in the morning, when you arrived at work, the lock of your personal locker was cracked. Inside, there was an envelope with a letter. Nothing was written on it. Just four big red droplets adorned the corners of the sheet. It was blood.
You knew immediately.
He had found you.
The rest of the day was impregnated with tension.
At the end of the shift, you quit the job, with extreme anguish from your boss, and got away. You didn’t even head for your apartment. You stayed in big crowded place, trying to think straight.
What was the best thing you could do to stay alive?
You were seeing his creepy smile in every corner, in every shop widow.
Finally, you realized there was only one thing you could do. You
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Mudblood pt.4 - One Piece x reader

Professor Donquixote Rocinante, commonly known as “Corazon”, welcomed you in his class with an affectionate grin on his painted lips.
As it happened most of the lessons you were following with Ravenclaw, almost all the students of the other House had already taken place on their seats.
«Damn nerds.» Valentine muttered, before randomly selecting a desk.
Slytherin students quickly sat as well, and you ended up between Killer and Perona.
«Good morning to everyone!» Corazon cheered «I’m happy to see you all back again! Since we have just one hour and Principal Edward surely dropped a big bomb yesterday night, I thought it would be nice if you shared with me your questions and doubts about the Goblet of Fire…»
He couldn’t even finish the sentence before at least half a dozen hands jerked in the air.
Just Trafalgar Law, in the first line, looked annoyed.
«Hum, okay… let’s see
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 46 12
Mudblood pt.3 - One Piece x reader

«Why none of you girls woke me up?!» you cried, rushing through the Great Hall when most of the people already joined their classes.
Perona, Ginrummy and Valentine were leaving indeed.
The pinkette huffed in her uniform.
«I tried! You almost punch me in the face, so I left you be.»
You groaned, jumping on Slytherin table to grab something off for your breakfast before running to your first class.
«Coffee! Coffee! Why is it all cold already??»
«Because you’re late, that’s why.» Ginrummy observed while you gave up and mixed some cold coffee with milk.
You gulped it down as fast as you could, and your eyes dropped on the Goblet of Fire, standing on the pedestal in front of the teachers’ table.
«Oh, yeah.» Valentine smiled, following your gaze «You lost the three Gryffindor’s brats racing to it, this morning.»
The cup was abandoned on the messed table, and your gro
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 39 7
Mudblood pt.2 - One Piece x reader

Most of the students couldn’t sleep at all, that night.
When they took their first step in, Momonosuke and the other newbies looked uneasy at the dark underwater atmosphere of the dungeon.
«You’ll get used to it.» you smiled at him and Sugar «The sound of water is actually quite relaxing, and a lot of interesting things appear beyond the windows. You’ll see.»
Still stunned by the scoop of the Triwizard Tournament, Slytherin common room stayed crowded till late night, but you could bet the situation wasn’t different in the other Houses.
Sensing the environment there was about to heat up, Charlotte Katakuri sent the youngest students in their dorms. He had been Slytherin’s prefect since you joined, but this year he was the Head Boy of the school.
«Those hot-headed Gryffindors are probably screaming and jumping around in excitement.» Perona huffed, claiming an armchair in a corner of the room.
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Mudblood pt.1 - OP Hogwarts!AU x reader

Kozuki Momonosuke weighted the wand in his little hand. A light smile appeared on Rayleigh’s face at the gesture.
«Do you like it, young boy? It is very rare for me to match a wizard with a cherry wand.»
The child raised his marvelled eyes on the wand-maker.
«Sure. In Mahoutokoro, the Japanese school of wizardry, students with cherry wands have special prestige. The Kozuki family is from there, isn’t it? This wand probably felt it and chose you.»
A pleased grin started to form on Momonosuke’s lips, as his eyes glued back to the wand and his grip grew firmer.
«So this is my wand…»
«You can trust Master Rayleigh, Momonosuke.» you said confidently, patting his head «He’s the best wand-maker of the country, maybe of the continent. Every witch and wizard was matched by him!»
«Now, Y/n, you’re too generous.»
Rayleigh waved away the compliment
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 54 10
My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac: Chapter 1 - Page 16 by Mgx0 My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac: Chapter 1 - Page 16 :iconmgx0:Mgx0 254 18 And good for when you run out of matches by zarla And good for when you run out of matches :iconzarla:zarla 3,267 630 TsaoShin by FrostSh0ck TsaoShin :iconfrostsh0ck:FrostSh0ck 34 12
Pt. 8 Abducted (Trafalgar X reader)
A/n: HOLY HELL IM BACK! Thanks for the comments and favorites and watch. I'm so sorry I disappeared for like a long time without informing y'all. Life was being crappy and everything back here just went shit. Also I saved a couple of chapters before but somehow it disappeared because wifi is shit. I had to rewrite everything. But yeah I'm back for now.
Early as always, ready for the day. I woke up alone in my room. Not even Nami was present, no breakfast on my table. No unnecessary guest lurking in my room. I was alone and it felt odd. On my bedside table was a small note with perfect calligraphy writing.
Preparing for tomorrow's event. Don't leave the palace. As much as I hated the idea, Laura volunteered to stay with you. -Law 
That's right, tomorrow will be Halicion. I let out an unladylike grumble after reading the note, then I finally noticed two words in capital letters below Law's note.
P.S NO HUNTING - Penguin 
I laughed a little before setting th
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Pt. 7 Abducted (Trafalgar X Reader)
My mind was a blur. I can feel myself above the ground being carried by Penguin. Laura was behind him. They look frantic as If I am about to die. They entered my quarters and sat me on the bed. I stared and can't seem to grasp the blur memory.
Law. Law was mad...then what?
"(y/n)" Penguin grabbed my attention and I stopped thinking about the lost memory.
"Are you alright, are you hurt?" He asked me. I shook my head despite the blood on my clothes. Not my blood, from the wolves.
"This is all your fault Laura!" Penguin scolded the woman from behind.
"Hey! I was told she's a fighter. What do you think I'll do huh? teach her pretty princess manners!?" Laura shot back with a hiss.
Penguin growled in annoyance "I told you to guard her while Law and I are busy!" The two still continued on bickering.
"Penguin, it's fine. I won't do it again." I reassured him. Penguin looked at me and sighed. "Who is the woman awhile ago? The one with fiery orange hair?" I asked once they had calmed down
:iconracheline15:Racheline15 14 2
pt.6 Abducted (Trafalgar x reader)
It has been two weeks since I started my lessons. As promised by Law, every after breakfast he would give me lessons. Sometimes in the study room, in the garden, or the library. However today, a note was left on my bedside table from Law. Stating that he'll have to postpone our lessons for today, he also specifically stated that I should stay indoors at all times because Penguin would have to accompany him to his meeting and that no one will be guarding me.
After I finished reading the note, a knock resounded through my door. I cued them to come in and I was met with several servants with extravagant clothes and jewelry, a couple of flower bouquets were presented to me and I blinked in shock and confusion. A female demon fae sauntered in my room flicking her hair to the side as she eyed me.
"These are gifts from Law as an apology for missing today's plans with you human." The woman said coolly.
"uhm...Who are you?" I asked quite cautiously.
"I'm Law's Hunter, Laura. His personal huntin
:iconracheline15:Racheline15 10 0
pt 5 Abducted (Trafalgar Law x reader)
The next morning while Nami bathed me and braid my hair she gave me a few hints to what I should look out for. She told me it was safe as long as I was inside the palace.
"What sort of creatures should I look out for?" I asked again. She set a tray of breakfast on the table. Law mentioned that he has things to take care of and won't be joining for breakfast.
"All of them. Law's protection has a limit. If you are spotted by creatures outside this palace, they'll want to kill you for being just human. Especially for what you did to Sachi." She answered coolly. I dug into my breakfast, savoring it. After breakfast, Nami suggested that I walk around and find something to do with the rest of my life here.
The halls were empty. Except for the paintings on the wall. I have no interest in admiring it. Freya did say I have no taste in art. I slide my hand on the marble railings as I descend the grand staircase.
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