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Sailor Power

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Someone showed this to me and I had to let you know how amazing it is. The concept itself is so unique, and the way you made it come to life is brilliant. It's beautiful and powerful all at once.

Just curious, are there plans to do the outer sails in a similar way?

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This is super cool, the inner sailors with their respective powers, Sailor Mercury with water, Sailor Mars with fire, Sailor Jupiter with electricity and Sailor Venus with light.

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Oooh, great job mixing the scouts with their respective elements. Makes for a really great image, and the details on them are amazing. Especially the fire one.
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Amazing! I love how you did this! 
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really pretty!
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Have seen lots of Sailor Moon draws, ideas, new changes but this one is really original. Sailor as 4 elements is quiet unseen and the way you show the energy of one element is just amazing.  
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Love i^tttttttt ^-^
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Man I remeber when I use to watch this back in the day when I was very young, a lifetime ago at this point! And grandad making funny of me for watching these, honestly now that think about it in my mind they looked a lot more like this than anything else!
The supposed sex appeal flew right past me.
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so beautiful~!
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Like an ascended sailor scout! They gain more power and become elemental! Sweet!
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This is AMAZING! I love either the water one or the love/light one. :D
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Perfect! Most of all I like water.
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Amazing! The colors are a hole new level of immersion!
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This is absolutely gorgeous!
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hello my friend, omg, they are really really beautiful ^^. 
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That's amazing! I wish I could draw like that!
nice girl elementals. i like the colours than used you
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I love this so much. You've done a VERY good job. Will be watching for more~!
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So beautiful and empowering! I love how you put their powers into something
visible to see.
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awesome one! Its rlly inspireing
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