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Eos-of-Dawn's avatar
Practise makes perfect! You've done a great job! ^^
katicopter's avatar
Wow that's incredible! I think the first ones my fav still tho ;D
gfm21's avatar
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
kuro--cchi's avatar
So much improvement!! I am just curious as to what happened between 1996 and 2011 though...
KishiNoKama's avatar
Very nice improvement :) I really like the way you color now ! 
MAMsaki's avatar
Great PROgress!
Kreative-Kitty4real's avatar
I draw like 2011 version now,so does that mean with practice,I could draw like the 2014 version.spaz kermit 
sayuri's avatar
Awesome and inspiring <3
MythicalNine's avatar
usagis's avatar
really??? this is awesome!!!!!!!! i just can't believe it!!!!!!!... I draw horrible!!!... My drawing looks worst than a kindergarten kid... :s with this... i think I have a little bit of hope!!!
May I ask if you are studying (as career) something related to design??? and where are you suding??? How dido you learn to do that???!!! OMG I admire yyou so much!!!!!! I wish some day be 1/10 as good as you... but still I know that i will never be close to your greatness!!! you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless u!!!
*excuse my bad english*
MsSmoshy911's avatar
I can't even draw a good stick figure cx
Lilyos's avatar
This inspires me ;-; I used to draw like in the 1996 version, im getting a bit better, but not the 2011 version yet XD
thefournationsplus1's avatar
haha i wasnt born during the first one :)
SnowLeopard84's avatar
same! That's when my older bro was born!
Lilyos's avatar
Me too bro :3
Lilyos's avatar
Neighter was i XD
thefournationsplus1's avatar
omigosh i feel kind of depressed that i missed the 90s anime, but man i got LOADED in the early 2000's!!!!!
Torisha-Buraun's avatar
OMFG stop showing that 1996 drawing! LMAOOOOO that dont count! XD it makes me laugh everytime. ahhhh
Yura-chan's avatar
I always find these interesting to see, and how you have grown ^^
SolarRainbow's avatar
Yura-chan's avatar
XD *q* ooooh your avatar so cute :love:
RainBallz's avatar
1996 looks better then 2011 and 2014
WalkerMonetArt's avatar
This is awesome lol, I have a Sailor Jupiter picture I need to do this and revisit 
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