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The White Rabbit and Alice

I did an Alice in Wonderland piece a few years back. Just doing another take. Might do a different scene from the story. Suggestions are welcomed!

Digitally painted in Photoshop. 6 Hours.
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Waht for a wonderful picture, great job!!
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Great expression. :)
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Now i want to eat rabbit
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Beautiful art - love it!
Cute face on Alice. I'm not sure White Rabbit can reach the next rung, lol.
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Maybe it's hard to explain, but how can you do such pictures so quickly? :) What's the secret?
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Wow! Beautiful work. Great lines and wonderful color.:icongrin--plz:
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Beautiful, I love the sexiness and the innocence merged. Great rendition on a classic :)
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cute art style. very lovely
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Alice look's kinda like some slut in this ;) hehehehe

I'm such a pervert T_T
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Wow! Great Alice scene. Wonderful expression! :D
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haha i really love it! wonderful attitude and expression!
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It looks awesome. At first I thought Alice was hiding from him out of fear or something because he looked sort of scary in the background for a minute. Anyway great job. :D :icongoodjobplz::iconkonataplz: :3
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Lovin the emotion. Great art :)
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(off subject a little)have you ever played alice is dead? its a fun game.
(on subject) like the picture GOOD JOB :clap:
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not yet, but if it's good I'm more than willing to check it out.
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there are three parts. first one is like an escape game, the other two are like a mystery game
all very good.
That's an excellent painting, so colorful, so bright, so cute... Thanks for doing it ;)
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Next up...Tea Party it is!!!
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