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More in the series soon.

Photoshop // 6 Hours
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Absolutely Gorgeous and Stunning 💖💖💖

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Yeah that's definitively Aphrodite. As she lives and breathes. My lovely love goddess. :D :heart: :heart: :heart:

May I use this pic for a cover pic o a story.
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That's her all right.  

Beauty and with a pinch of mischief.

Gotta love her!
sexy and brunette....i love it! :D
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Very beautifull ^^
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Wow, awesome! Clap 
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You might say that she was the original cultural model of beauty...and you'd probably be right.
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she's certainly one gorgeous Aphrodite !!
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She's so beautiful! I really like the Greek statues in the background, btw :D Great work!
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amazing job :) wow beautiful almost makes me want to run all over Greece finding her jewels lol you did a really good job on this I love the flower in her hair and nice job on her robe too and her hair, great job :p
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This is awesome.
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i swear i saw this on google images
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I thought that this was an official portrait for Rick Riordan's PJaTO, wow. 

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agreed it does look amazing 
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Nice pic. Did you ever do pics of the others? I swear I saw this pic as part of a compilation somewhere.
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I love this! Finally a brunette Aphrodite! All the others were blonde :p.
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I really really like this one. Fabulous. XD
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Well, they don't call her the godess of beauty for nothin'
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