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My Dear Friends!
Goal on my Patreon is already achieved at 56% !! It's really a lot and I am excited every time the percentage starts a move up! Thank you SO MUCH all my Patrons who taking part in this!! 
If you like my cosplay you can support me on Patreon too, if ypu want! Even if your support may not seem like much (TIER 1), but it really does mean a lot to me!

This is Starfire in cosmic suit - one of my cosplay dreams and I am REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT. The result will be amazing! 
I'm sure that many of you will be interested! If you will want to see the result as soon as possible, YOU can help me to achieve this goal faster - ♥ !! BECOME MY PATRON !! ♥
You not only help me, but also get a lot of really nice bonuses from me (:


And please do not feel obligated or pressured, that is not my intention. This is simply here for my friends, followers, fans and supporters who like my cosplay and WHO WANT to help me make something bigger than I have at the moment.

Hello friends!♥ I'm a rare guest on this website and i was really happy to find out how many watchers and comments i have! Thank you all for such an amazing feedback on my Asami Sato cosplay! I saw my photos going around on tumblr, but my little dream is to get noticed by Bryan Konietzko lol (:
I'm going to add new photos, but those of you who are interested in me can follow me on instagram: kamiko_zero. I spend a lot of time on instagram and you will see a lot of pics, and find about more about my new costumes and about me in real life :3 
At this time i'm working on DC comics cosplay whith :icongraysonfin:, who inspired me to do this :love:

Besides, i'm trying to do better on my Asami Sato cosplay, because she's one of my favorite characters and i do believe that she's my drawn copy, ha-ha.
All new photos and cosplay-progress you can see here -
I'm always happy to see new people on my social media!
Hello, friends! :heart:
I hope that all watchers will didn't run away from me while I was gone. At the time I stopped my cosplay creativity, I lost inspiration and I was terribly lazy, but it is good that I came back to it! Please forgive me, those who follow my updates and watch my rare publication. I promise to change and catch up! :la:

I want to tell you about my trip to Anikon 2013, which was held in St. Petersburg (in Russia).
A lot of my friends live in different towns, we often try to visit each other's homes and attend cosplay events.
The festival took place in Petersburg in two days. We had a performances on both. 
On the first day (06.07) I put on my cosplay Black Lady (Sailor Moon), this is my favorite look! :heart: A pleasure is in the costume of the character! I received a special prize from the jury, this is insanely good! :dummy:


The video can be found here:…

On the second day (07.07) I was on the team in the same beloved fandom "Avatar: the Legend of Korra!" I am happy that I was in Asami, I really like how this character look, and I notice its similarity with me in my usual life. My partner was a stunning Mako! :icongraysonfin::heart::heart::heart: It was me who asked him to do this cosplay, because I think that the character is very suited to him externally! :love: And we had a wonderful Korra :iconmorikopika:, already prepared a suit that was waiting for us.
Defile show me great emotions! Thank you friends, for the realization of this idea!

I hope that you will appreciate and i welcome your feedback, especially from fans of Avatar!!!

Soon I will post new pictures from photoshoots. I'll wait for your feedback and hope that you are interested!

P.S. You may want to subscribe to my instagram (, where you can watch the new cosplay work in developing and funny pictures from backstage (:

Thank you my friend :iconkenkentiger: for help with the translation! :hug:
twitter: (only in Russian)

You can ask me a question! I with pleasure will answer your question! (:
I started a twitter -
Inconveniently, but I will get used.
It is interesting to whom to watch my updatings - welcome! ;)