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Now Open for Writing Commissions!

Journal Entry: Mon May 5, 2014, 7:37 AM

Hey guys! I'm officially open for writing and coloring commissions. Though I'm feeling much more inspired by writing at the moment. But if you're interested in coloring commissions, please message me :)

Writing Commissions:

What is it: A chapter or short story, written to your specifications. Will do fanfiction or original characters. It can be dramatic or steamy (or both). Each page (500 - 600 words) is $10, and you can buy up to 10 at a time.

Putting Out the LightDay One:  Holding Hands
"Putting Out the Light"
Sabin knew he was twice as lucky as most ‘normal’ people.  On some level, he knew in the grand scheme of the Universal Truth, he had no real reason to be upset.  He was blessed in so many ways that were virtually unattainable, if not plain incomprehensible, to the normal folk that walked the earth.  
Being immortal seems exceptionally appealing on the surface.  Actually, being completely honest, even with all the extra pains and complications Sabin’s long life gave him, he still wouldn’t choose differently in the end.  But while he got to experience life in a ways most people wouldn’t dream, the mountains may be high but the valley’s were soul-crushingly low.  Indeed, an immortal experiences such pains in their life that there would have to be centuries between them, else they wouldn’t have any hopes of coping.  
Samantha was the first.
  Copper RosesThere were very few days I felt beautiful.  Seventeen years of TV, movies, magazines, school bullies, and a lack of self-confidence have ingrained the importance of how you look.  People can spout all the "true beauty is on the inside" crap, but the fact is, no one voluntarily gets close enough to look inside unless you can grab their attention with the outside first.  But as I walked down the muddy path is the humid, sticky, fresh country air with him by my side, I felt pretty good about myself.  After all, anybody can look good in a tight bodice that cinches your waist and pushes your breasts up to your chin.  
It was fall and time for the Renaissance Festival.  The Faire is one of those events were I revel in my dorkishness and go all out.  Costumes, accents, I was willing to do it all to spend a day, alone, with David.  David and I had been best friends for years.  He owned my emotions, whethe

Mature Content


Mature Content

I will write fanfiction for any series, whether or not I'm familiar with the source material, but you will have to provide me much more character info for series I'm not familiar with. Some popular series I am confidently familiar with: My Little Pony, The X-Files, Game of Thrones, Sherlock (BBC), Portal/Portal 2, Jurassic Park, Oz, Firefly, any animated Disney feature, L&O: SVU, Pushing Daisies, Lord of the Rings (movies), Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and LOTS more - please feel free to ask!

I'm comfortable writing general audience or adult/erotica.  I'm fine with human, furry/anthro, yaoi, yuri... almost anything.  I'm not comfortable with shota or lolli, and a few other very adult fetishes.  Please feel free to ask if you want to know if I'll write your concept.  If you want to see some adult examples, you can also look me up on HF or FA.  I'm Kamiki there as well! (no, I can't direct link due to ToS on DA)

====ORDER FORM====
Number of Pages: (max of 10)
"Feel" of the Story: (erotica/smut, fluff, dramatic, etc)
Characters and References: (the more the better)
Set the Scene: (A general synopsis of the story)
Things that must happen in story: ("Maggie must get busted for shoplifting")

Please note me if you're interested! 

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