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Old Acquaintances

By Kamikazuh
"You're not welcome here anymore, not after all that you did." A voice echoed among the ruins. Startled by the sudden noise, she halted. The drow could hear faint footsteps all around her. A few hundred meters away, she would normally think. But this wasn't a normal situation, she was trespassing on the lands of her own kin. People not known for making a lot of noise. In an instant, she was surrounded by half a dozen warriors, each clad in the black armor she knew so well from her time in the Underdark. The dark blades shimmered in the beams of sunlight that found it's way through the collapsed roof, each pointing towards her vitals. Knowing the deadly accuracy of the hands that wielded the spears, she stood there silently, cursing her decision to wander back this deep. It was a bright day and these caves had been abandoned for a long time, she had told herself.
Then, a figure appeared behind a rubble. With a few confident, yet gracious leaps it came down from the ruined tower, landing on top of a large rock in front of her. It was Gallaer, the captain of the Darkblades. Thumbs tucked under the belt of his armor, he looked down at Phaera with squinted eyes. The light bouncing off the sand clearly irritating him. "I am interested as to why you are here", he started. "But, this is clearly not the place to find that out." This was all the warning Phaera needed. Grabbing the grip of her scimitar, she turned around and prepared to jump. As high as she ever could.

Yet again, it's been a while! : 0
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Gorgeous style, I love it!  Your contrast with tones also makes the painting seem so powerful.  Beautiful work!
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Thanks a bunch for the kind words! : )
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This is so pretty
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Thank you! : )
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this is great! :w00t:
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Thanks a lot : >
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ur welcome! ^_^
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Amazing! I love the details! ^^
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Great to hear : ) Thanks!
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