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Space Fortress

Space Fortress. Orbiting a cold star, standing stalward against the void of space. PS CS 5 + Intuos 4. (I always imagined that the Space Wolves may prefer more castle-like dwellings in comparisons to others.)
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to be honest, i could imagine the carcharodons having a fortress like this more then the space wolves, just because it's in their nature(pun there) to be constantly moving(ironic because they're based off of sharks) also because there's a space fish in the background, and es blue all over.Tard Hi 
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Very cool!
I like all the glowy parts
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Awesome work bro!!
love the colours and the sketchy look ^_^
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Awesome with a side of cool.
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Takes on a kind of 3D effect looking both underwater and in space simulatenously, so cool, love your style man keep it up
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Thanks ! Intresting point with space/water. Didnt't think about that yet :)
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Cool.  Kind of like a mix between Studio Ghibli and Masamune Shirow (manga/anime artists).
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Thanks :) What an honorable comparison. :floating:
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You're welcome.  Oh!  I'm rather relieved you knew what I was on about.
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I love the lighting!
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Ohhhhhh! Es leuchtet! :D Ich mag die Komposition mal wieder sehr.
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Jaa das tut es :) Danke !
Das bedeutet, es kann nur ein Erfolg werden. Mein persönliches Experiment mit dieser Site hat ergeben, dass die Bilder, die am absurdesten leuchten, die meisten Favs bekommen. ;)
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