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Kingdom of Waterfalls

PS CS 4 , about 3 hours.

Damn I love waterfalls , theyre so nice and calming to draw.

Inspired by FF 9 OST - Mistaken Love
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Just imagine being there would blow your mind. Such beauty. Keep up the great work artist.
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that is great. How did you think to do the Kingdom of Waterfalls?
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Thx. Because I wanted to draw waterfalls :)
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just keep doing what you do
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Nice kingdom, you have a great imagination!
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Sooo beautiful, and so is the music : ) I'd love to be there, waterfalls are really soothing somehow.
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amazing! i really dig the atmosphere in this - you get this sense of exploration, exhilaration and adventure... really love the rider down at the bottom too, it gives you a sense of the absolute scale of things and also somebody to relate to as he seems to also be exploring the world
looks something like studio ghibli concept art or something, awesome stuff (this is now my background for my laptop btw :D)
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Thx :)
What an honor to be compared to Ghibli :D And I also appreciate it a lot that you decided to have this picture as your desktop ^^
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wow awesome i really like the waterfalls :D
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your welcome :)
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BEAUTIFUL waterfalls and clouds. The whole picture is just very serene.

I gotta say, though, the guy on the horse kind of looks like Darth Vader.
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thx :)

Interesting yea , the cape, the dark grey. Indeed D:
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beautiful! :) The water looks lovely
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I agree with Lachbee. I want to live there. I love the sense of motion...well done with the mist and reflecting light.
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Thx :) Yea I wanna live there too ;)
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I really like the texture of the waterfalls, there's a lot to look at.

The setting reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus, if it had been a been more of a bright utopian area. Really nice.
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thx :) Yea using textures on waterfalls was an idea I wanted to test here
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oooooh so beautiful :dance: I wish i could live there :love: nice job! :clap:
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