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DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods Part 2 Cover Art

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dicklong28121990's avatar

I love the 80s vibe from this artwork !

GodKingErebus's avatar

This is going to be full on Avengers Endgame but more brutal.

Darthvegeta800's avatar

That armored Baron/Duke looks awesome!

>_>; kinda want to play around in that armor given my love of Power Armor!!

Leonitus's avatar

So, here's a question.

Nobody has asked or theorized what the fuck that giant spaceship looking thing is floating behind you at the start of the Cultist Base mission. When are we gonna get info at that monster?

GodKingErebus's avatar

It's been told by Hugo Martin that it was once originally going to be a mission but was scrapped and the spaceship was placed as a background. Hugo Martin explained it when playing Doom.

LordArcheronVolistad's avatar

New type of armored baron, Sentinel dragons, corrupted dragons, the Dark Lord lookin like a Primarch, Maykr tentacle starships and B-wings, gunships or transports that look like a Covenant version of a space marine land speeder, flight-capable hovertanks, Sentinels in both the white crusade-era armor and the newer green Argent-era armor, some nice variety in Sentinel weapon types, shields that are clearly meant to be the same type as the ones seen on some statues in Taras Nabad, Sentinel warships appearing from Slipgates, suggesting that the Sentinels are focusing on a high-mobility blitz attack on the advanced hell fortress seen in the background,...

So yeah, lots of fun to be had all around. I'm still holding out for the Sentinel artillery ogres.

Sentinel artillery ogres? As if their war-mechs weren't enough.

LordArcheronVolistad's avatar

The main problem with their current mech doctrine is the lack of variety. They have anti-hell-titan mechs in the form of Atlans (which are nearly always successful at their job based on what we've seen in the game, with Atlans either dominating titans, fallen over through lack of fuel (the codex explains this), or downed by a bunch of giant black spikes). However, besides this, they don't have any heavy support mechs of any class, besides the aforementioned ogres shown here:

Given the flying attack ships, warships, dragons, and portals everywhere, it may be that the Sentinels prefer to use mobility as their main advantage against the demons to engage targets on their own terms, but some force-multiplying war machines from lighter armors: to mobile weapons platforms: would make sense too.

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