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Bituin Lavellan



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This is not a tarot card. I finally finished my companion card for Bituin! There’s not a lot of … imagery, exactly, but I tried to put in meaningful things for her.

My inspiration for her was to create a Dalish elf with a mix of the canon Dalish tradition and Filipino ones; I headcanon that the Lavellan clan is more Filipino inspired than European/Welsh.

Her halo thingy has the Dalish motif symbol; her tattoos are based on Filipino tribal tattoos with a partial spelling of ‘Bituin’ in stylised Baybayin script mixed with Dalish motifs for her face; she wears a crown of sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines, which is star-like in shape and reflects that her name means star. Since escrima, the traditional martial arts of the Philippines, can be practiced with two escrima sticks I substituted them for her dual daggers. Lastly, trees because lalala~ she’s an elf.

^^;’ I hope you guys like it!

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Wow, looks good. :)
That tattoo on her arm, I love it!