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Dark Days, Darker Nights

The darker the days, the darker the nights.....
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"I could have worked the docks, I like the docks - all those sailors and their cargoes and their doxies - but my dear friend Raesp tells me the Real money gets buried with the dead misers so o'course I got to dig it out ... at the witching hour, with a fog up and the watch out and my bones chilled. Knowing my luck the dead'll put up a fight for their goodies and all!"

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Just WOW! Perfectly scary atmosphere.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you, Aslam!

It is my honour and pleasure to award this picture its 69th like
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Damn, I love the atmosphere here. So evocative moody.

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Thank you, Jamocha! I wanted to lay the mood on thick!

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evocative *and moody

...the darker the nights, the brighter our lights will shine!

Beautiful and compelling art! The cloak's folds look so real, and I love the addition of the spider like legs reaching down for the traveler. Hope he's not arachnophobic...

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Thank you, Deru! Yeah, I'd say the rest of our traveler's party should have warned him about the large creature crawling about!

Haha, he has a party? From the looks of the scene, I'd say maybe the rest of the group got nommed already... :0

You're very welcome, I love this piece *_*

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