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Spongebob Papercraft

By kamibox
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A very easy papercraft with an improved technique; No straight edges, much less flaps, comfortable to make. Grab a child, scissors and glue, I would love to see your results!
There are more Spongebob papercrafts to come - if you ask for it.

Make your own: [link]

Patrick, Gary, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Plankton papercraft: [link]

Size: 8 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm // 3" x 4.3" x 2.4"

Kamibox on Facebook: [link]
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My favourite character of this cartoon. Sponge Bob. I got a doll of him.
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Very nice model.
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I love SpongeBob too! He's my number one favorite cartoon character 
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where do i download this?
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You like Krabbie patties don't you squidward?
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I love SpongeBob!
And this papercraft is incredible!
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-grabs a child- lets do thissss!
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Fantastic! very nice!
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WOW! It's amazing :DDDD
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Hello. I just did this craft of Spongebob today and it turned out very well and was a joy to make. Thanks. I look forward to doing more crafts by you. :D
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SpongeBob is now in your house :)
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Seems pretty easy to do (in relation to other paper crafts I mean), considering the already simple shape of the subject.
squeezycheesecake's avatar
... And another awesome papercraft! :D

I really don't say this enough but your papercrafts are all so well done and very inspiring. Keep it up! :)
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Cool! Very nice models, ddi7i4d!

I take the liberty to make apost in my blog about your nice models. Please take a look and see if you want to add or change something. Thank you for share it!

Greetings from Brazil!


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did you paint it yourself?
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Indeed I did, miss.
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with what kind of paint?^^
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Du kannst doch deutsch :P
Das ist nur ausgedruckt, ich hab alles am PC gemalt, damit ihn jeder runterladen und nachbasteln kann :)
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ach so :) ja okay, ist jedenfals ziemlich cool :) ja ich merk nie wenn andere hier auch deutsch können ;)
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