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Nyan Cat Machine -Instructions

By kamibox
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Download the full PDF and more crafts: [link]

Always scratch folding lines with the backside of a cutter!
_ _ _ _ _ Mountain Fold . _ . _ . _ . _ Valley Fold

---------Download both the Papercraft sheet and the Instruction Sheet!---------

*Step Red: Fold the triangular columns and glue them to the back of the rainbows and the cat. Add weight if necessary.

*Step Orange: Fold the single parts of the body. Try if the columns can easily slit through the holes. Use a pen for the round parts to prebend.

*Step Yellow: Push the lever through the first hole and glue green on green on both sides of the barrel. Finish the body and make sure you can turn the lever.

*Step Green: Push the rainbows and the cat through the holes and let Nyan Cat fly.

*Solving problems of friction:
a) Triangluar holes are too small
b) Tape the areas where it has to slide, some paper sorts are too rough, transparent tape is slippery enough on paper.

Nyan Cat image credit goes to [link]

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Awesome! Want to try it, may not have the skills to make it as great as yours! Thanks for sharing this! 
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Awwww thats acutally totally kawaiiii
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This ain't about FNAF.
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xD So awesome! You are a genius! 
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I just glued two papers together, Is that okay???
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cute cute x"D
I love that
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How do you connect the head to the pop tart? I'm having trouble gluing the head up (doesn't seem to be enough tabs to fully enclose his head), and I don't know how I would attach it to the pop tart. Any pointers?
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The head only covers the light area of the pop tart, so only there are flaps. The head isn’t glued fully to the body, you can take the original one as a reference: [link]
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I'm having trouble, too. It's about the same thing. I couldn't understand your reply to that person. Are all the head flaps glued to the body? I'm not saying that the entire head is glued to the body.
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hahahaha so cuteeeee

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What kind of paper should I use if I want to make one?
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This works best with paper that weighs twice as much as normal paper ( 160g / m2 )
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Cool. So kind of like construction paper? Could I get such paper at Staples?
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Yes, there are plenty of thick paper packs at Staples :)
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