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Right now, I'm not that far off reaching 15 555 page views. Ok, ok, I'm still far from it :)

I didn't offer a kiriban art since a long time, and I feel in the mood to offer a new one.

So, if you see the 15,555 page views, send me a screenshot in a note to prove it, and if you are the winner, i'll make you a drawing :)
By the past I had two winners for the same kiriban, but this time if I've more than one winner, only the first one who sent me a note will win.

The prize : a colored drawing of the character of your choice, original or fanart.
I won't do a list of all things that I don't wan't / know to draw, check my gallery to have an idea or we'll discuss it later :p

Kiriban caught by :icongriffin-fahrel: #1 

I just opened a scrap section, for some drawings ^^

:icongo-ichigo: :iconsurimi-aka: :iconlucrane: :iconodyssekuja: :iconnaoza: :iconguilhiem: :iconemih: :iconromainjl: :iconsupersephiroth: :icontoyette: :iconyojimb-o: :iconlaamina:
:iconasclepios91: and :iconberyumbreon: won my kiriban ^^ I don't know it were possible but not grave ^^ so I will draw a picture with two characters ^^ (not enough time to draw two pictures, it will be a funny crossover instead of ^^)

reach for the 3500 kiriban now xD


Friends on da that I know in the real life:
:icongo-ichigo: :iconsurimi-aka: :iconlucrane: :iconodyssekuja:

My lovely watchers, thanks for supporting me X3

:iconjujuposei-kun: :iconremorsery: :iconseishou-chan::iconeternaldarknesss: :iconhizukameyumi: :iconberyumbreon: :icondaemon107: :iconelvarel: :iconposei: :icongo-ichigo: :iconsurimi-aka: :iconlucrane: :iconodyssekuja: :iconkamelie17: :iconwaruihiwatari: :iconstudentofdust: :iconfreai: :iconbouncy-britt: :iconyoukaibloodlust: :iconki-waone::iconharpiekeket: :iconblackcult: :iconcolliemon: :iconkannna: :iconsweetsasa: :iconmazeruokinata: :iconkutsu: :iconguilhiem: :iconasclepios91::iconblackfiriel:

If I forgot you, tell me :3

Clubs that I'm in:

:icone-kaki: :iconsoul-slayers:
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wow, a new version of da was released today x) I find it more usual for the messages section, it's good to have a thumbnail of the drawing of the people that I watch :)
(but why the deviant bar is on top of the page now instead of to be under the da logo? I'm distabilised xD)

I will probably have soon 2500 pageviews, so if you catch the 2500 kiriban and send me a screenshot to prove it, I will make you a fanart of the character of your choice (I can't promise that I will made a good background or a very detailed work xD I'm not good enough, same thing for the animals x) I don't know to draw them)
and if no one catch could send me a screenshot even if you are the 2501, 2514...the most close of 2500 will have the fanart.
  • Watching: gurren lagann, again x3 watch it!
  • Playing: ff7 crisis core >w<
Wooow! 1k views ^^ it's not very much compared to the great artists on da, but i'm glad ^^
maybe one day....the 10K? xD
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Hello ^^ welcome on my profile! I'm new on deviantart X3 so for the moment, I try to post all of my best drawing ^^
that's not original for a first note I know ^^°