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Skin for trillian 3.0

- fixed tab glitch
- new graphics
- fixed small window
- fixed text entry color
- new menu

this had to be the mightiest pain I've ever had skinning, but behold!!!!
the popular multipass theme, now for trillian ^___^.
based on the popular multipass design by R. Peter Clark

© 2005 - 2021 kameryn
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Nevermind. Trillian 5 turned out to be not worthy ^^
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Can you please update it to work with Trillian 5? :\
hey, for some reason, it says I am forbidden to download, why?
Hey, minor glitch when using this skin, there appears to be pink on the top and bottom borders of the buddy list and windows, do you know a fix?
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I've used this skin for years and still do.
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woot, haha ^___^ thanks!
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The only skin i will ever use for trillian! I really hope you port it to Astra when it comes out! :+fav:
how do you create and/or unpack the trillian skin files
It's wondeefull! I've been using it for a while now, and I have finally come to the conclusion that well.. I'm lazy and don't have the time! My point-> Someone should make a deep red version =D
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Oooohh, shiny! Just what I was looking for! Awesomely done, love the colors. :heart: Using this!
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nice nice nice!!!
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thanks alot!
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Woah. This skin kicks some major ASS. +fav
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:bow: thanks so much
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by far the best trillian skin.. can be used in a diverse amount of themes, too:)
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Is it just me or do the messages in the chat window not fit in the box. For me the text overlaps onto the formatting bar a few pixels. Annoys me even though the rest fo the skin is perfect.
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great looking skin!
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Wow! Nice work (notices the strange echo in here).
I just tried out a half-dozen or so tril skins, and yours here is the hands down best and slickest I've seen to date!
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*bows.. thanks boss! really appreciate it... might feel upto making a new one...
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