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My drawing of Vlad Tod by KamenRiderAngel My drawing of Vlad Tod :iconkamenriderangel:KamenRiderAngel 0 0 Cure Riders: Cure Jewel by KamenRiderAngel Cure Riders: Cure Jewel :iconkamenriderangel:KamenRiderAngel 1 0 Cure Rider: Cure Legendary by KamenRiderAngel Cure Rider: Cure Legendary :iconkamenriderangel:KamenRiderAngel 1 0 Cure Riders: Cure Eternal by KamenRiderAngel Cure Riders: Cure Eternal :iconkamenriderangel:KamenRiderAngel 0 0


Vladimir Tod by CanDiCoTT Vladimir Tod :iconcandicott:CanDiCoTT 95 33 Render #25 by INDIGOgfxs Render #25 :iconindigogfxs:INDIGOgfxs 10 0
Ookurikara x Reader ~ Nicknames

Ookurikara x Reader
    It was a pleasant day at Y/n’s citadel. Apparently, Ookurikara was not in his usual loner attitude. He was ten times grumpier; Y/n was the type to give nicknames to her swords to show how much she loves them.
“Okay. Today’s kitchen duty would be CCP and Kuri. And please, no more curry please.” Y/n told them sternly.
“But, aruji…” Mitsutada whined.
“No buts or you want Ishipapa to do this with you?” Y/n asked.
“Fine.” He pouted.
Ookurikara was fuming, as he had to hear the nicknames that Y/n gave the other swords, he would lie if he were not jealous.
“Aruji~ Tarou took my sake away.” Jirou came in sobbing to the semi irritated Y/n.
“Jirou. Don’t you go complaining to aruji.” Tarou raged.
“Can’t you two married couple settle your problems? I am not a marriage consultant.” Y/n gritted her teeth
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 27 6
Kamen Rider Rubato: Background Music by Master-Of-Dreams Kamen Rider Rubato: Background Music :iconmaster-of-dreams:Master-Of-Dreams 23 6 Kamen Rider Taph by DarkTidalWave Kamen Rider Taph :icondarktidalwave:DarkTidalWave 25 4 Shattered Grid Resistance by Greencosmos80 Shattered Grid Resistance :icongreencosmos80:Greencosmos80 132 21
Kivala's 'what if' story's settings
Title: Kamen Rider Kiva-la: Rider Under The Moonlight (仮面ライダーキバーラ:ライダー・アンダー・ザ・ムーンライト)
Setting time: few years after the event of "Movie War 2010".
Setting world: Due to dimension travels is involves in the story, it is varies.
-Natsumi Hikari, together with Kiva-la the kivat, were traveling different worlds since Natsumi's grandpa passed away 4 months ago. One day in their travels, they find out that the remnants of Dai-Shocker were rampaging through world after world. (Which later revealed that they are after the Seal Artifacts (封印の神器), which when combined, it has the power to creates and destroys anything) Natsumi, who promised to a girl who she saved, decided to fights against the remnants as Kamen Rider Kiva-la. She meets new and old allie
:iconyuuyatails:Yuuyatails 30 1
Character reference templates (Female, Normal) by Yuuyatails Character reference templates (Female, Normal) :iconyuuyatails:Yuuyatails 58 5
Rider Under the Moonlight Ep. 1
The day is so bright and clear.
Deep in the countryside is a small village filled with buildings from eras long past; built from wood and fibers, they've stood for generations. The main method of transport is walking, and few people are concerned with modern fashions. Despite the fact that it is the 21st century, lamps are the preferred method of lighting. Gaudy decorations cover the town square, heralding the arrival of the annual festival celebrating the village's founding.
A woman with long ashen-brown hair enters the busy square, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, a marigold short sleeve jacket, denim shorts, and black flats. The rest of her legs were covered by long orange stockings, which stop only a few inches from the hem of the shorts. A pack was slung over her shoulder.
“It seems there's a lot of excitement today....what do you think is going on, Kiva-la?
A petite white bat peeks out of the woman’s jacket pocket before flying out and circling the woman's head a few
:iconyuuyatails:Yuuyatails 19 1
Rider Under the Moonlight Ep. 2
Upon their arrival in the next world, Natsumi and Kiva-la found themselves in Shinjuku.
Natsumi looks around. “You know.....this reminds me of home.”
“I agree.” Replied Kiva-la. “It's nice to be somewhere familiar! You can only appear in the middle of a jungle so many times before it gets annoying."
Down the street, a loud, gravelly voice was shouting at someone.
“You thieves!”
Looking in the direction the frustrated cry came from, the intrepid duo found out it was coming from a bike shop. A Kivat-bat was chasing after two men who were running away with some of the shop's wares.
The two watched the spectacle, before looking at each other. This definitely merited investigation.
Upon approaching, though, it became obvious it wasn't a Kivat-bat. "That's a Motorbat!" Whispered Kiva-la. They were within earshot of his wheel-like ears, which heard her gawking at him. He whipped around, his big red compound eyes glaring like headlights. "Yes, I am! Do
:iconyuuyatails:Yuuyatails 7 1
Kamen Rider Moonlight (KR: Kiva OC) by SailorTrekkie92 Kamen Rider Moonlight (KR: Kiva OC) :iconsailortrekkie92:SailorTrekkie92 12 0
Feed from the Source (Vladimir Tod fanfic)
Tonight was the night, the night to feed. Vladimir walked down through the night until he was in front of the crypt. He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. He began walking and turned around the corner to the back of the Crypt where he would be meeting his friend, his drudge, his Snow. She was leaning up against the wall looking down to the ground. But when Vlad stepped over to her she smiled and it seemed her eyes lit up.
He smiled back at her and her beauty. She was beautiful. Her pale doll like face was surrounded by long jet black curls. Her bright eyes were surrounded by a thick layer of black liner. She was wearing her usual little combat boots too. But she was just so beautiful that he couldn't bear it. He was in love with her, as much as he still had feelings for Meredith, he loved Snow. He felt the guilt of just being with her to feed. But this wasn't true, he had feelings for her,but wasn't ready to be with her. She on the other hand thought different.
:iconvladimirtodfanfics:VladimirTodFanFics 6 0
Unexplained meeting(VladimirTod fanfic)
Vladimir lay in his bed struck by confusion and Emotion. He was going to have to let his first drudge go, his first friend go. Was he ready for it? He only wanted what was best for Henry, but also he still wanted him to be his friend. Henry had been choosing the Jocks and class whores at school over Vlad. Was it because he felt pushed around over being a drudge, or did he no longer feel friendship.
They were always only friends, but closer than any other set of friends they'd known. Done everything together, Told every secret,(well most of them, snow sort of got in the way of that) and never judged other than their friendly jokes.
Vlad never wanted to separate, but Henry was coming tonight. And weather or not Vlad liked it, he'd force himself to let his drudge go. He'd have to do the most painful thing he'd ever done to Henry, release him, but he'd have to bite him first. And that made Vlad shiver.
He sat up as he heard his door open. He felt a shock pass through him as Henry entered a
:iconvladimirtodfanfics:VladimirTodFanFics 3 4
VLADIMIR TOD MEME - Blank by K1m1-R1-N3k0 VLADIMIR TOD MEME - Blank :iconk1m1-r1-n3k0:K1m1-R1-N3k0 270 38 Vladimir Tod Meme NINI by lisiicaaa Vladimir Tod Meme NINI :iconlisiicaaa:lisiicaaa 138 68 Vladimir Tod Meme by aoi-ryuu214 Vladimir Tod Meme :iconaoi-ryuu214:aoi-ryuu214 1,151 540


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My drawing of Vlad Tod
I recently got into the Vladimir Tod series and I wanted to try a little something, so here's my version of what Vlad would look like.


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