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Ridewatch Template
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Published: August 12, 2018
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someone asked me to put up a template. so im also tacking on a sort-of tutorial on how i use it.

i use these exact pieces in mspaint, easy as can be. I've labeled the pieces A to D so its easier to follow

A1: the ring that is around the rider helmet
A2: the ring with the date and symbol visible

B1: the clock-detailing that goes behind the helmet
B2: the arrow-detailing that goes atop the Another Ridewatch faces

C1: the standard watch cover
C2: the Geiz-style watch cover
C3: the Another Rider and blank watch cover
C0: the Ohma-style watch cover

D: the base chunk of the ridewatch

so, first you need a helmet, drawn so that the chin touches the bottom of part A1's ring and the forehead goes near the top. scale till the eyes are roughly in the middle (might take some trial and error after other steps)

so now actual steps, every part has a central cross to help line them up:

Part1: put A1 over B1, helmet over A1*B1, and an empty A1 over A1*B1*Helmet to clean up any overflow of the helmet.

Part2: put Part1 behind your chosen C, then you have the activated ridewatch cover

3: copy Part2 and put another C but with the "eye" areas filled. you now should have an eyeless mask in the C piece. rotate 90 degrees and put A2 behind it. change hilighted number-segments and add a symbol to get the deactivated ridewatch cover.

4: put Part2 and Part3 on separate copies of D, and you now have an activated and deactivated Ridewatch.


-the larger parts use orange and blue in different shades to define their different shading.

-both A parts use green, and usually have a colour related to the rider, even if that colour is not used in the ridewatch shell itself. 

there are also premade Primary, Secondary, and Geiz Primary ridewatches, the top row activated, the bottom deactivated.

below those are a Decade style and Another Rider style

hopefully this has been clear. if you use this template, please mention me in the description.

[note: 29/09/2018: update: changed the labeling and added a few things. first off, added pre-mad ridewatches, so you just need to go about messing with A and heads to make them. second, i made parts to make a Blank or Another Rider ridewatch.
i got Another Gear really clear in my head recently, so i pulled him together real quick. but i am not posting ANY new-new art until i work on the requests. i've gotten back to uni, but i'm gonna try and get through them.]

[note: 01/01/2019: update: relabeled and recoloured the templates. rather than my odd choice for some colourations to just use the mspaint default colours, i've added a colour table with the custom blue and orange used for the Ridewatch. the purple will be seen in a moment]

[note: 03/04/2019: update: added the Decade ridewatch template, recoloured background to deviantart-green so the blue parts pops a bit more.

[note: 23/08/2019: update: added the Ohma ridewatch cover and on/off templates
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How did you change colors?
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
in mspaint, in the select-tool menu, there is an option labeled "transparent selection". this makes the secondary colour of your drawing tool the "background", so when moved it moves everything but that colour.
by selecting the colour you want gone as the secodnary, you can cut the picture out, fill the square with your desired colour, and paste it back, the new colour now in place of the old if lined up correctly.

if that was too much of a mouthful, either look up a tutorial, or set "transparent selection" on and hold right click with the erase. instead of drawing with the secondary colour, it replaces the primary colour with the secondary.
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Awesome, now the RW templates are complete! Onto Progrise Keys next?

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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
yup. im gonna be working on some riders first, but the Progrise Key template will appear the same time that my Zero-One Rider, Greave, appears
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tlynch34Student General Artist
Great work 😄
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, i'm happy how they all came out and i'm happy that so many people have enjoyed it as a template resource
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Use for texture of MMD model
Is it possible to distribute
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you're awesome man. Without these, some of my OC and Showa Rider watches would have not been possible. Skyrider Ridewatch (active) by imperialdramonDRMode   Skyrider Ridewatch (inactive) by imperialdramonDRMode   Super-1 Ridewatch (active) by imperialdramonDRMode   Super-1 Ridewatch (inactive) by imperialdramonDRMode   
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Where did you obtain the images of the helmets for Super 1 and SkyRider?

imperialdramonDRMode's avatar
I simply traced their helmets as long as their images face front.
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
glad you enjoy it
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I want to make my own custom RideWatch but idk how to make it. Is there a program on how to make it?
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
in the description i write how to put it together, or you can use a pre-assembled template.
all you need is an art program with a transparent setting. i personally use mspaint, so i think most programs you can find will work
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how do I use your tutorial to make my own ride watch
what software I mean
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
i personally use mspaint, but any software with a transparent setting works.
by turning transparency on and setting the transparent colour to the background, you can follow the layering tutorial or us the pre-assembled watches
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taytong789Student Digital Artist
looks like i wont be able to make a ridewatch but oh well at least i got the helmet for my kamen rider
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
i use mspaint, so anyone should be able to use it.
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taytong789Student Digital Artist
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Towers-of-ObscureHobbyist General Artist
What about the ridewatch Decade-style?
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
i'm going to add that once i've posted my decade-style rider and ridearmour. the ridewatch template for it is made and will be added to this template once i've posted Denied and his Ridearmour for Vestige
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That's cool, bro?
Purple Heart Ridewatch (New Version) by antman2002   
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Kamen-SentaiHobbyist Digital Artist
yup, that's what the temlate's made for
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