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Brook - Laaa~! by KamaSenya Brook - Laaa~! :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 3 0 Bad Boy? by KamaSenya Bad Boy? :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 2 0 Chloe and The Euros by KamaSenya Chloe and The Euros :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 5 4 Healing the Sick - Moomin Mama (request) by KamaSenya Healing the Sick - Moomin Mama (request) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 5 0 All Might meme by KamaSenya All Might meme :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 11 5 Uh...Dipper? - Graivty Falls (request) by KamaSenya Uh...Dipper? - Graivty Falls (request) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 10 4 Star Lord - Father and Son (request) by KamaSenya Star Lord - Father and Son (request) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 5 2 Honest Tea Meme by KamaSenya Honest Tea Meme :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 0 0 Roux and Leon (Request) by KamaSenya Roux and Leon (Request) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 3 4 Yondu Undonta - Stupid People Meme by KamaSenya Yondu Undonta - Stupid People Meme :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 38 6 Yondu Udonta (pencil sketch) by KamaSenya Yondu Udonta (pencil sketch) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 4 3 TDI/Aladdin - Prince Ali (Request) by KamaSenya TDI/Aladdin - Prince Ali (Request) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 6 6 Franky x Kama - Kiss (color) by KamaSenya Franky x Kama - Kiss (color) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 2 0 Black Butler: Undertaker - LOLing (pencil sketch) by KamaSenya Black Butler: Undertaker - LOLing (pencil sketch) :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 4 0 Franky x Kama - Kiss sketch by KamaSenya Franky x Kama - Kiss sketch :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 0 0 Netflix and Chill meme - Franky by KamaSenya Netflix and Chill meme - Franky :iconkamasenya:KamaSenya 3 4

Random Favourites

What is Night?
Is it the dying embers of a newly created fire?
The bottomless pit in the hearts of men and women alike?
The whisper of a sweet lullaby in a silken voice?
It is all these things my children.
It can be the usher of sweet dreams and new possibilities.
Or the bringer of forgotten pains and desolation.
Night is a beast that can tear apart your very soul.
Or it can be a salve that heals the cracks.
Night may break you.
Or it may make you.
It will listen for the strength of your will.
If you are strong it will bow to you.
If you are weak it will crush you.
So I must ask you my children...
Are you strong?
:iconblissfulbloodfest:BlissfulBloodfest 2 2
Adventures With the Crew: Chapter 2: Zoro
Adventures With the Crew
Chapter 2: Zoro
Good grief. It was almost impossible to talk Zoro into going somewhere he didn't want to.
All I wanted t do was go into an antiques shop.
He didn't want to.
I was only gonna be in there for a minimum time of 3 SECONDS!
Here we are, arguing in the middle of a busy street.
People are staring at us.
I don't care.
Finally, I just gave up on the guy .
Here's some little advice: There is no hope of getting Zoro to do what you want to do unless it's something he wants to do.
"Ugh, you're so boring," I say.
He chuckled. "I know."
We were walking down the street now.
People were giving us weird looks.
We ignored it.
They probably just figured out that we're pirates.
"What time did Sanji say we had to be back again?" I asked.
Zoro shrugged.
"I never listen to the cook."
Good job.
Leave it to him to never listen to the important things in life.
"Well this is just great," I mutter.
"I thought you would listen," he said, raising an e
:icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 4 9
Adventures With The Crew: Chapter 1: Luffy
Adventures With the Crew
Chapter 1: Luffy
Seagulls, water, seagulls, annoying…..
My boredom got the best of me. Here I was, lying on my back, on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.
Somewhere, I heard Nami screaming at Luffy for ruining one of her maps.
Pssh. Typical.
Next thing you know, Luffy came running over, dodging a flying swarm of tangerines. I was astonished, because….well, Nami wouldn't throw her precious tangerines.
Apparently, Luffy didn't see me laying here, so he tripped over me. He landed with a heavy thud on his face. I couldn't help myself but laugh.
"Why the heck are you laying in the middle of the deck?!" Luffy asked, standing up.
I sat up, still laughing. "Well, I was bored."
More tangerines.
"Damn, Luffy what did you do to make Nami so pissed?" I asked.
Luffy shrugged. "I was just watching her draw her map, but then I smelled food cooking, so I drooled on it! I said I was sorry!"
I sighed. Well, he's Luffy. What did you expect from that kid?
It was mi
:icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 5 10
ace and luffy one piece by KawaiiiPandaMuffiiin ace and luffy one piece :iconkawaiiipandamuffiiin:KawaiiiPandaMuffiiin 398 86 We are Pirates by Art-is-a-Explosion We are Pirates :iconart-is-a-explosion:Art-is-a-Explosion 125 24
Silent Night One Piece
Silent Night One Piece Version
Silent night, Holy night,
Luffy's wrong,
Nami's right,
Zoro sleeps in random places,
While Sanji thinks of ladies' faces
Chopper is in his office~
Robin is reading a book....
Silent night, Holy night,
Brook sings, in the middle of night,
Franky throws a rock at Usopp,
Usopp screams and uses Soldier Dock,
The Straw Hat Pirates are insane~
Luffy will be Pirate King....
:icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 23 10
One Piece Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Robin layed an egg
Zoro thinks that Sanji stinks,
And Luffy saved the day, HEY!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Brook played a game
Usopp fell of the boat,
And Franky went insane! HEY!
On the thousand Sunny,
Where the pirates live all day,
Sanji made some food,
While Nami screamed away
Chopper is making medicine,
Luffy is eating meat,
Oh what fun it is to be with the future Pirate King!!
:icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 123 40
Zoro Error by OnePieceZoroForever Zoro Error :icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 36 76 Sanji Error by OnePieceZoroForever Sanji Error :icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 21 51 WINDOWS HAZ FOUNDZ AN ERRORZ by OnePieceZoroForever WINDOWS HAZ FOUNDZ AN ERRORZ :icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 11 12 One Piece, Halloween by heivais One Piece, Halloween :iconheivais:heivais 203 26 Merry Christmas by heivais Merry Christmas :iconheivais:heivais 143 12 Zoro Motivational by OnePieceZoroForever Zoro Motivational :icononepiecezoroforever:OnePieceZoroForever 107 53 Brook Wanted...ummm by Sprky2008 Brook Wanted...ummm :iconsprky2008:Sprky2008 655 184
Sweet Spots
Sweet Spots
  It was after lunchtime on the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hat Pirates were currently taking part in their daily routines.
  Roronoa Zoro was up in the crow's nest, weight-training.
  "4555...4556...4557..." he counted.
  Nami was busy with her maps.
  Usopp was by himself, sitting on the rail, fishing.
  Sanji was in the galley, washing the dishes.
  Tony Tony Chopper was in the sick bay, grounding up herbs for his medicine.
  Robin was watering her flower garden.
  Franky was down below deck, going over his cola supply.
  Blizzard, the white wolf-dog that had joined the crew about two weeks ago, was running around the ship, chasing after the seagulls that had perched themselves on the rail and barked at them.
  In the library, Nami found it unusually quiet, aside from the dog barking.
  "Where's Luffy?" she wondered to herself.
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 25 32
Strong World - Chopper by ShiNoGekai Strong World - Chopper :iconshinogekai:ShiNoGekai 99 29
:dalove: Here are my favorite works by some of the greatest artists I know!!!
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Please call me Senya Kama. I joined this site to find others like me who take pride in their art and want to share it with the world. I'm looking forward to seeing your artworks and literature!
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My schooling is from Digital Media Technology at Jeff Tech. I graduated on the Honor Cord and as a member of NTHS (National Technical Honor Society).
You can see some of the work I have done in video editing and graphic design on the following sites.
My 2012-2013 portfolio for Jeff Tech->…

I draw in the manga/anime art style. I also work in basic video editing, digital design, and writing. These are the skills I want to use in my future career, they're what I'm really good at. I've been working on many manga ideas but haven't officially started to pursue just one.

I've been working on many manga ideas of different genres. Some are romance, fantasy, and plain old creepiness. But a problem I have is that I work on too many at once. Sometimes, I never finish all the characters of one and start on another. We all do that, right?



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