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Shire Unicorn by Kamari-Inuzuka Shire Unicorn :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 2 0 EBC: October Bounty Hunter Assignment 2018 by Kamari-Inuzuka EBC: October Bounty Hunter Assignment 2018 :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 1
EBC: Air Empire October Assignment 2018
Everything seemed to happen fast. It seemed to be an okay day here in Air, and Hector was enjoying it as well as he could. The large lion had been hunting regularly to keep the food stores full for those that were still sick, and anyone else in the Empire. Anyone that needed help, they could ask the Gladiator for help. It was a bit chilly from the storm that had recently passed through, leaving the ground shimmering with dew drops. The large lion stretched, rolling his shoulders in his armor before hearing a bit of commotion from the entrance to the hollow.
"What is it?!"
"Have they returned?!"
The sounds echoed to his ears and the red manned lion began to head over to see what the fuss was about. He too thought it was probably Team Copper coming back with a cure for the plague that was haunting Air Empire. Or perhaps it was team Silver? If only that was really the truth.
Many cats began coming through the entrance; a Jaguarundi and a few, no...many more lionesses all t
:iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 1 3
Forest Creature by Kamari-Inuzuka Forest Creature :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 4 0 EBC-Kenya April 2018 Assignment by Kamari-Inuzuka EBC-Kenya April 2018 Assignment :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 1 EBC-Hector Assignment April 2018 by Kamari-Inuzuka EBC-Hector Assignment April 2018 :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 0 6 Wolf-Rough Collie Hybrid Adopts *OPEN* by Kamari-Inuzuka Wolf-Rough Collie Hybrid Adopts *OPEN* :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 0 2 Rohkuh: He So Grrrr by Kamari-Inuzuka Rohkuh: He So Grrrr :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 4 2 Eneo: Matthias... by Kamari-Inuzuka Eneo: Matthias... :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 2 Rohkuh: Prepare For Snuh by Kamari-Inuzuka Rohkuh: Prepare For Snuh :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 9 4 TRD SS: Little-Lemonaide by Kamari-Inuzuka TRD SS: Little-Lemonaide :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 2 EBC SS: kibafan1232 by Kamari-Inuzuka EBC SS: kibafan1232 :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 8 4 Striped Hyena Adopt *CLOSED* by Kamari-Inuzuka Striped Hyena Adopt *CLOSED* :iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 0
TRD: Ferox Autumn Assignment 2017-Zihark
For once, Zihark was calm. There was nothing itching at him saying things were going to go wrong, he wasn't needing a kiss from his mate to calm his nerves. Today he was taking Callisto, Nut, and Hinode with him to mark the Feroxi territory again. Their territory seemed to have expanded to be bigger than it was after the Olum's arrival so they had to make sure other Factions knew what belonged to the Ferox.
The Head Gatherer called for his team to get ready to depart. Those that wanted their armor with them went to their dens to grab it, those that went without it approached and sat near the lynx. When it was time to go, the marking group marched out of the Ferox camp.
"We need to make sure that every bit is marked," Zihark says, the closer he led them to the border of the territory, "I want all of us to stick together just in case but we each can take a tree or rock to mark." The Head Gatherer went up to a tree and showed the group how they do marks, in case they didn't already know.
:iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 1 2
TRD: Olum Autumn Assignment 2017-Gerome
Cubs had to put the camp back together. Gerome wanted to go hunting with his parents! He sighed, turning to his sister who was very quiet. She simply turned away from him and began doing her work. His ears went flat; she hadn't spoken to...well..anyone, since the attack. He was worried about her because she was pushing them away.
And their parents weren't helping.
Ruvik and Cynthia have been so busy helping restore the camp, the moments they were able to spend with their children was when they would go to bed.
Gerome went to a side of the nursery and began placing what sticks he could find back in place. His little body was able to allow him to squeeze in between branches and prop up the support stick. From inside the nursery, e could see Caithe and Mykola working on a section together, and Khalid working alone. And Tansy was working alone.
The young tiger hybrid began working on clearing out the inside of the nursery, making piles of things other cats could make nests out of and any s
:iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 2 3
TRD: Olum Autumn Assignment 2017-Ruvik
Ariadna wanted a group of hunters to go and start stockpiling prey for the fall season. Mishka, Natalia, Ruvik, and Cynthia were assigned. The dark tiger smiled, seeing his mate come up and brush her cheek against his chest before heading out with the other two tigers into the forest.
Mishka and Natalia led the way, Cynthia behind them, and Ruvik following behind his wife. The way his amber eyes went over her pelt, anyone could tell how much his heart soared whenever he saw her. He remembered all the good times they had even before they had cubs. And the necklace they had found the day he confessed his love for her that reminded her of his eyes. The tiger hadn't even noticed Cynthia slow down to walk beside him before he felt his snoot bump her rear end.
"Easy there big guy, we're in public," Cynthia says at the feeling of being bumped into. Ruvik just chuckled, a bit embarrassed before he moved around her to walk at her side.
"What's on your mind?" Cynthia asks.
"You, actually," the d
:iconkamari-inuzuka:Kamari-Inuzuka 3 5

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Shire Unicorn
I may or may not have been watching My Little Pony a lot lately and I may or may not have wanted to see a big ol' thick unicorn so I made a shire breed of unicorn. Unicorns in that show are always so proper and such you never see any sort of country-type unicorn(at least so far from what I've seen).

He was done very quickly but I love him.


Things for FA
This is for you people on Furaffinity who want some of my 18+ art. It's a little more expensive than some things because of the time I have to stay up late at night to do it.

Link to my FA to browse my wares:…
Ref sheets
I had this as an option before but no one ordered it so I got rid of it. Thought I should bring it back for my own reference.

First picture: Complex ref sheet(100 points)- includes a full body picture, headshot, eyeshot, paw coloring and accessories.

Second picture: Anthro ref sheet(120 points)-includes a full body picture, eyeshot, headshot for hair, accessories. *Note: these will cost about 20 points more because of the fact that anthro is harder on me.*

Third picture: Simple ref sheet(80 points)- includes a full body picture and eyeshot. Costs a little less because of it being so simple.

Fourth picture: Combined ref sheet(90)- like the simple ref, includes a full body picture and eyeshot but it includes two characters on it(like parents are something). Can also be used as a comparison, includes 3 characters: father, mother, child

*Note: Does not include shading*
ArKey ref sheet
ArKey's are the breed made by :icondo-el:. They cost less than normal ref sheets only because they are a lot simpler than the normal ref sheets. When ordering: give the gender you want it to be, its likes, dislikes, personality, and what color scheme you want and any specific markings you want.
Custom Waruto character
This is for those who want a Waruto character customized for you. Like if you have an idea of what you want, a humanized version of a Naruto character, or even a remake of a Waruto character you previously own.
Colored Image w/ background
This one gets a background so it will be just a little more expensive. I was going to make it 35 points but Deviantart wants increasements of it's 40 now. No I will not do crappy little backgrounds. I will try to work on making better backgrounds.
Colored Image w/o background
Whether it is done traditionally or digitally, I shall make you something of your desire that is colored :3
Story fics
If you want a chapter after the one you order, it will be just another 5 points. If I choose to make it more than one chapter, then it will cost thou nothing.
If you have a picture you want some of it to be based off of then send me a link to it and I will do what I can.


Kamari-Inuzuka has started a donation pool!
1,959 / 100,000
please help out me and my friend :iconkitty-luvs-noms: we are trying to save up subs for our group OrganizationXIIIrave organizationxiiirave.deviantar…
And I'm trying to commission :iconkaisertiger: , :icondo-el: and :iconflyingdragon04: i need a lot of points for what i want.

I take point commissions or feel free to donate anytime:
10 points- open theme in the 100 theme challenge
20 points- computer sketch/or lineart
30 points- colored computer sketch
40 points- a traditional sketch/or lineart
50 points or :iconmoarplz: - traditional colored drawing(or a digital picture if you prefer) or a custom character(preferably Waruto)
100 points for a ref sheet no matter how detailed. (ref sheet includes: side profile, 3/4 headshot, eye color, accessories, paw color)
+5 points per added character
+10 points for a background

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Yesterday(Tuesday May 29th 2018) my dog Kiba had to be put to sleep...

She's been with me for a long time and it was really hard to let her go, especially since my other dog Leon has been very confused and upset from her not being here. I can tell he's lost without her because she was his best friend even over us...

She was a good dog. She had problems but they never made us love her any less. Dislike her? Yes at times but mostly because we did not understand why she would do the things she would do...

When she turned about a year old she suddenly started snapping at us if we would try and touch her feet or touch her when she was lying down and/or asleep, even trying to brush her or give her a bath; she acted like we were trying to harm her when(as I know of) none of us tried to ever abuse her in any way. None of us know why she started doing that but through her years she began to get worse...

I always warned my parents about not doing specific things to her or do specific things to Leon first in order to make her jealous so she would allow us to do what we needed to do to her; I knew these things because I was the one who had been bit before from her to figure these things out. My Dad did not listen one day and tried to brush her before brushing Leon(it would make her jealous and then she would tolerate it for a little bit) and she bit him bad enough to where he had to get stitches in his hand...

And then she went blind in one eye. She had glaucoma in her blue eye and it became unusable, then her other eye began to deteriorate but we tried to save it...

We had medicine to try and help her get her vision back and it was not working though we kept trying just in case. My Mom went to give her her medicine one morning while she was lying down(which she has been doing for weeks at this point and Kiba didn't do anything) and she just snapped without warning and my Mom had to go get stitches in her hand...

It was very traumatizing to wake up at 5 in the morning to my Mom's screams of pain...It was all I could think about the entire day and even today sometimes the screams run through my head...We had decided at this point that this could not happen again, especially to someone who could possibly bleed out on us...She was not getting better and was only getting worse week by week...

I was almost not told when it was going to happen but I had found out the previous night...

I miss her dearly and I hate that it had to happen around my graduation again like my cat Dragon who had to be put down around the time of my high school graduation...

We will be getting another dog for Leon because he cannot be alone. I have a friend who has a small dog(he likes small dogs) that may come over and play with him so if they get along well hopefully the dog can be a playmate until we get a puppy for him...

Kiba little pupy by Kamari-Inuzuka  back by Kamari-Inuzuka  Kiba again by Kamari-Inuzuka  demon dog by Kamari-Inuzuka  must protect squierlll by Kamari-Inuzuka  sleepy puppy 2 by Kamari-Inuzuka  blow dried by Kamari-Inuzuka kiba in a bath by Kamari-Inuzuka  kiba hates baths by Kamari-Inuzuka  kiba fell asleep in a shoe 2 by Kamari-Inuzuka  trip by Kamari-Inuzuka  all ears by Kamari-Inuzuka  kiba dragon by Kamari-Inuzuka  bed by Kamari-Inuzuka  bench by Kamari-Inuzuka  Kiba Now by Kamari-Inuzuka  hey baby kiba by Kamari-Inuzuka 
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$$$$$$_$$$_$__$$$$$$_$$_$$$$$_ $___$$$$_
__$$$$$$_$_$$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$__ __$$$$$__
$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$_$$$$$$_$$$$___ $$$$$___
_$$$$_$$$$$$_$$__$$$$$_$$$__$$ $$$______
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____________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___ ________
___________$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$___ ________
__________$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$___ ________
___$______$$$$$_$_$$$_$$$$$$__ ________
___$$____$$$$_$$_$$$__$$$$_$__ ________
____$$__$$$$_$$_$$$$______$$$_ ________
_____$$_$$$$_$$_$$$$_______$$$ ________
_____$$$_$$_$$$_$$$$$______$$$ $_______
______$$$__$$$_$__$$$$________ ________
______$$$$$$$$_____$$$________ ________
______$O$O$$$______$$$________ _______
_____$_$$$$$$_______$$$_______ ________
__$$$_$@$$_______$$$$_________ _______ its a kyuubi! lol i got this from annatheninetails on FA

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