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January 9, 2010
" Because sometimes we don't see how much we're improving unless we lay it side by side and it's interesting seeing that our idol artists went through crappy art phases as well. " -Rose-Rayne

03-09 IMPROVEMENT MEME TEMP by *Kamaniki
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Rose-Rayne
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Check out this group and submit your Meme's here!




I have been asked these questions multiple times:
    - Yes you can edit your meme so that it can be from 1999~2009 or 2007~2009, its totally up to you, that's what the .psd file is for. C: - Yes you can post your meme link here, I enjoy looking at all of them! It is quite interesting. - Yes you can change the fonts on the template, not everyone has the same fonts as me. ^^

I check my messages... DD? :'D Thank you so much!!
I don't know if I deserve this but if it spreads to artists who have been drawing for a long time and is interested in doing this meme, fantastic!

Wow what a bandwagon now. xD

Thank you everyone who is doing this meme, it really excites me seeing all these people improving so much over the years. :heart:


People asked for the blank form so here it is. 8D

You can just use the temp pic above, or download the PSD.

Fonts in the temp used:
- Berlin Sans FB Demi
- Calvin and Hobbes
- Century Gothic

This is the one I filled out c:
Art Improvement 2003-2012 by Kamaniki

03-09 Improvement Meme by e1n2003-2009 art meme by Pyromaniac2003-2009 by pcmaniac882003-2009 art meme by shilin2003-2013 Meme by BettyKwong
I would put more but the list won't extend anymore. ;3;
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kopfschmerztablette's avatar

Thanks so much for making this!

Here's my version:

Improvement Meme - From Childhood to Now

This was so much fun to do XD

Shiroi-Majo's avatar

I did it once again :D

roboherald's avatar
Improvement Meme

Thank you for the template- I've always wanted to do this :party:

Marlonade's avatar

Thanks for creating the template < 3

Improvement meme
ladyziggy's avatar
2012-2021 Improvement Meme

Had a lot of fun looking back at my earlier years..!

BullerThePirate's avatar
IMPROVEMENT MEME 2008-2021 by kamaniki

Finally got around to it!

AlexisRoyce's avatar

Thank you so much for making this! I try to add to this every five years, and it's nice to see how I'm progressing, and to help with goals for the future.

Improvement Meme: 2005-2020
stfwlkr's avatar

Thank you for the template!! it's cool to see my art next to itself like this

2010 - 2020 Improvement
Birritan's avatar

Finally got around to updating this

Also I always love to see the other comments on this post. It's so cool to see how much everyone's art has changed

2009 to 2020 Improvement
gabriellabalagna's avatar
I've been waiting to fill this out for years! Thank you for the template!

Art Improvement Meme by gabriellabalagna
xXBri-The-DemonXx's avatar
Part 2 to my previous one
Another Improvement Meme by xXBri-The-DemonXx
theintrovertowl's avatar
Thank you so much for the template! ♥ It feels great to see my progress over the course of 5 years, and the results are showing :D
2015 - 2020 Improvement Meme by AngelPony99
CountryballFan's avatar
I remember when this had specific years instead of custom ones and there was a second one where the last year available was 2013 and someone commented on that picture that there would be no art improvement in 2013 because of the end of the world in 2012.
Vieiches's avatar
Improvement Meme (2009-2019) by Vieiches  10 years. Dang.
RainstormCheetah's avatar
Decade Meme by RainstormCheetah

I did this a couple of weeks ago, too, after I saw a friend had done it; the new decade seemed like the perfect time for a retrospective, particularly since this year marks my ten years of being on DA. Thanks for making this!
TheDovahBrine's avatar
My Improvement Over the Decade by TheDovahBrine  Thanks for making this, I used it but tweaked it a little bit. 
chryssalids's avatar

I originally saw this back on dA when I was like, 12 and wanted to be able to do one so bad. Did it this year. Thanks.

Digital Art: 2009 - 2019 Improvement Meme
Caentris's avatar
Thank you for this! I edited it and used it ♥
Improvement Meme 2009-2019 by Caentris
Ampraeh's avatar
2009 - 2019 IMPROVEMENT MEME by Ampraeh  I did it yay \o/ My first one !
anomalydoll's avatar
2010-2019 Mega Art Summary! by anomalydoll  
This was really fun :D
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