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Red Door

By Kamal-Q
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finally a more recent shot

featured by :iconjonnygoodboy: and :iconulyce: and :icontinywild:
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I love this one!!!
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Very inspirational~!
A doorway ... to hell?!  ;)
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Considering I took the shot in an office - perhaps its a doorway out of hell? :D
mitoXD's avatar
Hopefully!  ^^
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I have featured this deviation in my journal! [link] :aww:
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TinyWild's avatar
You're welcome! :aww:
ulyce's avatar
Your work has been featured here!
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Thanks so much Blue-Orange!
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may use this as my cellphone background? :D this is awesome!
Kamal-Q's avatar
Yeah, go ahead - its yours to use :nod:

And thank you :)
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it looks just awesome on my samsung galaxy s ii XD
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missasma's avatar

    Hooo.......!..!.! echooo.......!..!.!!!
    Very interesting!
    As representing opposites meanings! danger and rescue! ِAnd other things as well.
    I really liked and sat with it for several minutes!
    It has sent me to a strange atmosphere full of mystery!!!
    Kamal! What a superb job you are doing!
Kamal-Q's avatar
Thanks man :)
That is interesting - I never thought of it in terms of rescue until now (and I think everyone that commented up to this point thought the same), but you're right it could be an escape/rescue too :nod: Did Insidious (a movie) ever come out in Egypt?

How are you sister? I don't see any new art, tsk tsk :no:
missasma's avatar

    So welcome Kamal!
    Everyone has a different vision, and that's what came to my mind indeed!
    Also, your successful work is the one who leads us to these different visions which we have!

    Mmmm for Insidious, I heard about, from some friends, but I don't tend at all to such type of movies!
    I dislike horror, ghosts or murder movies! contrast to many people who enjoy watching such stuff.

    About myself, I'm not bad alhamdulillah and I really want to work on a new thing but nowadays I'm so busy unfortunately. :(
    But let me say as well that I am looking forward to see your new photograph!!!
Kamal-Q's avatar
So true - everyone interprets art in their own way :nod:

:lol: I took my brothers and a few cousins to see it, it was so funny seeing how they reacted. There is actually a red-door in a dark room that leads in to a demonic realm in the movie...I mean in American culture red is probably seen more as a violent color than a romantic one.


I'm at work right now, and I have a 1000 word essay due tomorrow, but I'm not worried at all :mwahaha: :lol: :) :| :( :crying:

Often we have to make time for things we want to do right?

Thanks again Asmaa :)
missasma's avatar

    Haha seems you quite enjoy it! :lol:
    For me if I heard just horrible soundtrack which occur suddenly, I may get a heart attack! :faint:
    :lol: So how's the case if I watched! :fear: :dead:
    And red color irritates the nerves actually :sarcasm: It's beautiful in a few cases.

    May Allah help you in that thousand, it's clear that you never worried hahaha!
    I wish if I could help you brother! :teamwork:
    Reminded me when I was in data entry department, I was entering 2500 contract a day. :dummy:
    My fingers were crashing.

    You're right, we have to make time for things we want to do,
    but ''sometimes come times'' it's difficult to heed to ourselves!

    BTW, what is that place and what is that floating water and how you were there?

Kamal-Q's avatar
:lol: I do...have you ever played the maze game? [link]

Really, red irritates you? But blue roses just aren't as good :no:

Ameen, insha'Allah God protect you from worry and stress as well. But sometimes its good to worry...I still haven't finished the essay, its due in 12 hours :| but here I am on deviantart

La ilaha ilAllah - 2500 contracts a day? :no: What are you doing now? University or job?

True, time is hard to find - especially when you use so many layers in your artwork. But still, make something man - don't you want to?

Oh this is the second floor of the building I work in. Its not water, the tiles on the ground do sort of have that look in the dark now that you mention it :nod: I wish I could walk on water (but I'm no wali :D )
missasma's avatar

    Ohhhhhhhhh!!! They are really villains!!!
    Why they are doing that with young child! :no: HE IS A CHILD! A CHILD!
    A child has a small heart doesn't bear this horror! :( :cuddle:
    Really stupid people!:stare: sorry to say, but I really wonder!
    My heart with him! :cling:
    Alhamdulillah! Thank God I didn't play that game before! :worship: haha!
    If I did, I was now considered to be dead! :lol:

    Mmm I think you have finished the essay today, aren't you?
    Because that feedback one day ago :D

    Muhammad rasoulAllah yes, when I was working at Mobinil [link] :(:phew: I finished survey since 2004, finance n investment and information systems. Now I consider myself on vacation lol. I left work shortly before :tears: employment contract with the company has ended and 140 person has left. So always the case here when you work to private firms! :shrug: Then begin a journey to find work again n again n again...........

    You are right Kamal! I'll try to do anything soon! I'm busy at something for my sister and her son, then maybe go to Alexandria. If I didn't go I'll turn back to my Photoshop again.

    Well, the building you work in then! The form of the tiles has fooled me indeed. Also maybe you are wali and I don't know lol!
    I thought that was a water pipe broke down there or something hahaha and you seized the opportunity to take a photo! :giggle:
    I imagine fantastic things haha!
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