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The sun peered at me through the pier

Ocean City, MD Winter
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1/40 second
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16 mm
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Aug 27, 2013, 5:58:41 AM
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geanera's avatar
Wonderful shot!!!
Kamal-Q's avatar
Thanks - was at the right place at the right time with a camera :la:
HoudaShams's avatar
The lighting in this is gorgeous. It's almost mysterious :D 
Kamal-Q's avatar
I hadn't thought of it as mysterious, but looking at it again - I did wonder what sort of ill-happenings occur on that dark pier :o 

Thanks much sis :)
HoudaShams's avatar
It's always eye opening to take another look :D You're welcome brother :) 
3wyl's avatar
This is really awesome!

The black and white contrast works really well here, thanks to the lighting. In some ways, it does feel a bit overexposed or overcontrasted, perhaps, but then I think it must for the effect to be as potent as it is here, and it's not that bad anyway.

It's pretty sharp and intense, and I like how you've captured a white sky, but then clouds darken it all. Likewise, the sun lends light to a darkened shore, which is quite interesting in itself.

Great positioning and composition. I find the perspective to be intriguing because you've got the pier and all which is at an angle, you've got the beach which is also at an angle.. The horizon is more straight, though it feels like it's tipped on the left side a bit.

Still, some cool stuff. :la:
Kamal-Q's avatar
Thanks much P10 :hug:

I think I called you over while I was shooting it - but by the time you got to where I was the clouds had blocked the sun and the light and shadows were gone :no: 

The angles do make it seem like the horizon is tilted - but it's not :D I checked and double checked - its a neat little optical illusion 

Thanks again :huggle:
3wyl's avatar
P10?!?! When did this happen? :noes:

Clouds do move fast. :no:

Ah, I see. That is interesting, then! Are you sure you're not just off-kilter, though?
Kamal-Q's avatar
P10 - it happened when it happened :icondivaplz:

What if I am off-kilter? :o But the photo, I'm sure that's aligned right :nod:
3wyl's avatar
It did not! You just lied. :no:

That's not too bad, I guess. :nod:
Kamal-Q's avatar
I didn't lie - It well could have happened in my head without you ever finding out about it :icondivaplz:
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Chezzy-Am's avatar
Why are your photographs so well taken?! Why? (sniffs) Its a beautiful picture, honestly. I love it. Every moment of this picture makes it worthwhile.

The lighting is spot on, the shadows work for the better of this photo. I honestly love the ambience in this photograph. Well done man, really!
Kamal-Q's avatar
Thanks much brother, always appreciated :) You should have seen it in person, it was way better than I captured it to be :nod:

And I can't help but think that the value we place in an image of something is only derived from the experience/memory that image reminds us as a kind of remembrance I guess?
Chezzy-Am's avatar

I guess so too... although its sentimental and nostalgic at times :shrug: varies considerably.
Kamal-Q's avatar
we're shifty creatures, so the winds of our various drives push us over empty oceans aimlessly at times (that is unless we're anchored to something or someone...but then there's the problem of become unanchored) 
Chezzy-Am's avatar
So true... with unbound freedom comes the price of neverending vengence.
Kamal-Q's avatar
Never-ending vengeance? :o
Chezzy-Am's avatar
The Bunny Candy Experiment is a classic example:

Bunnies were supplied candy to a standardized amount, and the total candy was indicated in a box hidden somewhere. One day, the bunnies revolted, and they entered the candy source, and took out as much candy as they pleased. They started fighting with each other, because the demand for candy was greater than the supply - the economic support system started dying... and so did the bunnies. Soon, there was no bunny left, and it was a pool of chocolate and red strawberry flavour pouring out on the floor... there was bunny blood but it became irrelevant, the bunnies were eaten :paranoid:

^3wyl is also told the story because well, she's ^3wyl - and she'll understand the plight of the (somewhat dictatorial) bunnies.
Kamal-Q's avatar
I have to say I've never heard of the bunny candy experiment :D Sounds a bit like Easter Island :paranoid:
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The composition and the lighting makes this an interesting picture, Kamal!  
Kamal-Q's avatar
Thanks again :) I just happened to be at the right place at the right time :nod:
LightlyEve's avatar
You're welcome. =)   
That usually happens when a great picture comes along. 
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