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Swamp Wyvern


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Swamp Wyvern


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Lackadaisy Voodooienne


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Mobius Final Fantasy Gandharva

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Indian temple

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Usagi Yojimbo

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Commission for Dennis Bullock Jr.

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Phoenix for your Tree

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Plain Gray Divider

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Character Development Meme

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Vanitas With 43 Grams of Vitamin D.


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...make days last forever

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Black glitter Male dragon

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Mountain King - Commission

To me :3

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Rocky Mountain Vista

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what if the storm ends

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Virtual Plein Air: Bells Rapids

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White Hole 01

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The 5 Things that Helped my Career the Most

Five main points. If you can do all five of these, you're going to have a great career. Before you can strengthen your career with these concepts to follow, though, there’s something that you need first: talent. You don’t have to be born with talent, but you do have to work hard at developing it. #1 - Have a Career Compass. A lot of people when asked, will say that they have an idea of what their goal is. Maybe they want to work on a game or a movie, but they don’t have it narrowed down any further than that. Be very specific about your goals. What kind of movie do you want to work on? What kind of game? Get into the detai

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A Date of Up... or an Up of Date?

Why not, it's been nearly two years. There's some updateage by now. xD For example my twin sishstar has wisely embraced the finer points of plushing, and using EVERYTHING I TAUGHT HER HIPPIE-MUSICIAN ASS, has begun to build a little reputation in plushing nice Pokemons in her PeaceFluffles (https://www.deviantart.com/peacefluffles) account. That of course by definition makes her all booked up with commishies for now, but I thought it was just cool to share. She shall never inspire me, on the other hand, to embrace musical jargon. No one can. I can't handle that shiz for shiz. *-* ~PeaceFluffles (https://www.deviantart.com/peacefluffles) So thur's my plushie-newcomer twin sis. SO, it may have only taken an Ice Age a


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