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The Mountaintop Dragon

EDIT: Updated version:…

"It's not often you'd see a dragon up this high, though they seem to enjoy venturing into the bitter cold breezes once in a while."

I'm not sure why I decided to do a scene involving snow and stormy skies since I'm really not a fan of snow lol.
Overall I wanted the lighting to be soft, although looking at it I think I'm going to make a few edits and adjustments before sending it off to the print shop =]

Oh, and as promised, this one has more to look at ^_^

Detail -->…

Used: Wacom Intuos 3 and Photoshop CS4
Time: Not sure, but a lot more than usual (at least 8+ hours)
Layers used: 3
- 1 for the bg and sky
- 1 for the dragon
- 1 for the grassy area in the front.

Art (c) :iconkamakru:
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Wow all you dragons are beautifully unique and graceful.  I like how this beauty soars from the snowy mountains seeking warmth from the the sun rays peeping through the clouds above. Wander Emote: Thumbs Up Instant Fave I 
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Thank you! This piece has a much newer version too which I think you'll like ^_^   Mountaintop Dragon - The Setting Sun by Kamakru
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You're Welcome! Rainbow Message Both versions are lovely.  The magnificent dragon is more defined by the darker background in the newer version plus the wings shows more of the sun through its almost translucent membrane.  It seems he/she is about to knocks some trees out of its roots with the tail there.  
The first version speaks to me as if to break free from the confines of the desolate cold and to seek the warmth that is behind the clouds.  All in all most beauteous and intriguing art [Cat Emote] Closed Eye Smile 
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love this!!! awsome job!!
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Thanks! Glad you like it ^_^
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that is neat
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I like the horns on the back.
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awesome~!! i love dragons, and this one is so cool~
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Awesome work, it looks beautiful ^,=,^
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Woooooow! This is truly amazing :wow: :)
Kamakru's avatar
Aw thank you! ^_^
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amazing! i like dragons and this painting is perfect for my desktop wallpaper! u did awesome
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beautiful work! : )
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Thank you! ^_^
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Pfft. Dang. xD Really awesome work with this. :P I seriously like the detail and colors of the background. xP The grass has a nice look to it, and of course the dragon is simply awesome... Just great work over all~♪ ^-^
Kamakru's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad the background seems to add so much to it (or any piece, I guess!). =]
Sapphfyr's avatar
My pleasure~ <3
Naturally. xD The background and the environment give the works a whole new depth. :3 The figures by themselves are like concept drawings, in a certain way... But a complete pic like this gives them like, a different life. ^-^
But seriously, the work on the dragon is awesome. xD Just felt I had to mention the background was done well~ (Plus the bit about the dragon almost goes without saying. :P)
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