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Pearl Dragon Portrait: Process

Process for this painting Pearl Dragon Portrait by Kamakru

I forgot I had these photos! So I'll share, for anyone that for some reason may be interested to see how I go about doing my dragon portraits.

Step 1: The supplies! I'm a simple person when it comes to my art. Tupperware dish, check. Toilet paper (we were out of paper towels that night lol), check. Also I added in the second photo my grand painting mat - a piece of paper! I'm so queen. x]

Step 2: The background! I use a dark and light color, with the lighter area in the center for focus. Play around and blend until satisfied. Let dry

Step 3: Nothing drawn in pencil, just dove right in! Using the lightest color of the dragon, painted the main body shape.

Step 4: Gradually working darker, started defining body parts by adding details and shadows

Step 5: Finish up by increasing intensity of shadows where needed, highlights and other details such as eyes and (in this case) the sparkles.

Acrylic paints on 5x7 inch canvas board.

All art (c) Kamakru
Please don't use.
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InspiredLittleBird's avatar
Phenomenal! Great job
Kamakru's avatar
Thank you! =]
varialome's avatar
where did you learn to use acrylics ?
Kamakru's avatar
Watching tv shows about painting, self taught studies and classes in high school =]
varialome's avatar
allright thanks :)
diamondwhitewolf's avatar
I love seeing all the process stuff :D
Kamakru's avatar
Me too! Honestly I'm often more interested in the process than the final piece. It's the journey (and the insight) x]
GhostWolff's avatar
HOLY SHI* like as if i didn't think you were amazing before, you are a TRUE artist
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Uruboros's avatar
I think seeing this will help me on future projects. I just finished an acrylic piece myself. It's always a learning experience to paint.
Kamakru's avatar
Yes, each piece is a learning experience for sure! And painting can be so morphic. Sometimes you never know exactly what you'll get ;]
Uruboros's avatar
I thought the most interesting of your techniques was how you put the white on top of existing paint. Did you just apply a really thick layer to make it opaque?
Kamakru's avatar
It's acrylic, so it's naturally opaque. If you use a heavy body paint it'll cover any color ;]
Uruboros's avatar
Okay, that tip should prove very useful for making smoother paintings in the future. Thanks! Now I won't have to paint around everything so much.
Kamakru's avatar
Well painting around stuff can be useful say if you sketched on the canvas already. But if you think you have a good feel for what you're painting, then it's not as necessary.
Uruboros's avatar
Okay, I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!
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kurai-katara's avatar
Can't wait to see it in person. It looks so beautiful.
Kamakru's avatar
And it's on it's way! -Along with some other goodies ;]
kurai-katara's avatar
Wooo hoo! I am so excited :3
Railey98's avatar
Wow! Very interesting, you have a very simple set up. :)
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