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Commission Info and ToS - Traditional - CLOSED by Kamakru Commission Info and ToS - Traditional - CLOSED by Kamakru

The info here is for PERSONAL/PRIVATE commissions only. 
If you are a company, author, publisher, or other professional looking for commissioned work via freelance, please feel welcome to contact me directly at kamakru(at) for a quote.

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You may fill out a commission Inquiry at ANY time, even if all you want is a quote. 
Filling out the form does not mean you are committed to getting the commission, and it does not guarantee you a commission slot.


Do you do Porn?
** Please note that I DO NOT do porn or sexual content, except for tasteful nudes and pin-ups. Tasteful boobs and butts OK. Cuddling, hugging is OK. Fetishes are usually a no-go, but some exceptions are made so there's no harm in asking.**

What if I just want a quote?
You may fill out a commission Inquiry at ANY time, even if all you want is a quote. On the form just select "I only want a quote"
Filling out the form doesn't mean you are committed to getting the commission, and filling out the form doesn't guarantee you a commission slot.

Why do you charge hourly?
I have a painterly style which means that all illustrations start the same way, and the more time dedicated to an illustration the more detail it will progressively get. This means that clients have complete control over budget. The more time given to a piece the more detail it will have, and the price will most accurately reflect the amount of detail the commission gets. 

I am always willing to work with clients to decide on what's best for your piece before anything is started. If you don't know how many hours you want/need, just estimate - we can always change it later.

I don't like doing it by 'flat fees' because often means that if someone can't afford the price an artist sets for an illustration, then you can't get an illustration at all. Hourly work means that you decide what you can afford and I will produce the best possible piece within the time you purchase. It's that simple

That said, I also do work *outside* the hourly rate, such as looking for references and any pre-sketches or thumbnails. If you get a 7 hour piece I will generally spend 30 minute to an hour just sketching out poses and thumbnails. Once the sketch is approved THEN the 7 hours will begin. I will often work beyond the hours purchased if I feel the illustration is not to the quality I want it to be, particularly on the higher-end illustrations. 

I can't afford to pay all at once, do you do payment plans?
Absolutely! I can take a down payment for sketches and thumbnails and set up a plan for the rest.

What if I want something that isn't an example on the sheet?
No problem! Go ahead and submit a commission form and describe to me what you want. I'll reply and we can work out what you're looking for.

Still have a question? Feel free to ask! =)
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