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AdBanner2 by Kamakru

Some of you may know that I currently do art for a living, and that living involves immense amounts of time, stress and often frustrations from doing 10-12 conventions and other shows per year in order to make my income. I debated on several ways of talking about "why I'm on Patreon", and honestly I'll be upfront with you guys because you deserve it! I need to find a way to not do so many conventions every year. I've only been doing them full time for 3 years but it's already starting to wear me down and also affecting my productivity a bit - plus usually I do them solo to boot!

Doing a show isn't just a single weekend. It's time dedicated to researching the convention. Filling out tax paperwork. Ordering stock. Prepping hundreds of prints which means signing and bagging and boarding each one individually. Then counting everything before and counting everything after each show. Recording numbers, updating the website before and after the show to reflect my absence from home, and much more.

It's a TON of work, and more importantly - TIME.
I have less time to actually focus on and create all of the paintings and ideas I've had for so long because I'm focusing on conventions so much. 
And I have SO many paintings I want to work on and complete!

I want more time to just make art.

So after much, much debate I've finally looked at Patreon. I honestly didn't want to join for a very long time because it didn't feel...I guess, right for me?
But I'm beginning to see that it's not only a way to help pay bills, like I always thought of it, but to share more than I have before.

When I post online publicly I only ever post low resolution art
But on Patreon I can offer high resolution scans of paintings I'm working on, and bigger images to see details better!
I've already made a few posts and I really like the way it feels, too. Kind of like a blog of sorts, but I can upload files for folks to see and even download too. Since I'm terrible at coming up with titles I will turn to Patrons to help me decide, and also I will set up polls for folks to vote on my next artworks. 

I don't want to make it a pay wall
I will still be posting art as I always have. I will still be uploading to my YouTube and posting stuff to my website.
But Patrons will be able to get more benefits, or else it might seem silly to pay monthly for something that you could otherwise get for free.
I want it to be worth it, and interactive and enjoyable for Patrons.
So, Patrons will get things like;
- permanent shop discounts (even on original art!)
- Access to new items for a full week before anyone else, including new originals in the secret shop
- Voting in all polls
- Free downloads when available
- Monthly Print
- Three slots available for monthly mini dragon painting

I just started posting to it so I don't expect a ton of folks to join, and that's totally OK!
I'm currently posting high-res WIP's of a mermaid painting I've been working on. Some of the posts made in the feed will be public so things will be mixed
Once the painting is done I'll post it here (eventually, sorry I tend to get a bit behind here!).

But anyways, if you're still reading, thanks for hearing me out =]


Stream & Video: YouTube Channel | Twitch
Shop: Official Shop | RedBubble
Art Pages: ArtStation | FurAffinity
Social: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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