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Feminist Satanism

Was listening to Otep's "Sacrilege" and got inspired.
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Satan loves women. 
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Sounds like a good aspect/plot in a Doom game.
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:headbang: FUCK THE TROLLS. HS.
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It's true, Satanism (from Lavey) has got a lots of respect for women (they are high priestesses)
but Wicca is the religion for women, with female Goddesses! In the Satanism, people adore a "Great Father Satan" considered as a male... like christ or jehova or allah... cosmic males in the sky.
in Satanism some people adore Lilith.. but in my opinion is better being a wiccan.
there are more Goddesses :)
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no no   No you fucker
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Gosh, I hate you and your misogynistic ways so much.
Why the fuck is wanting equal rights for women resulting in images such as these? We have been THROUGH SO MUCH, so much hard work just to be treated as women. Feminism is NOT satanism, you fucking dickbag. It is wanting to be TREATED LIKE A HUMAN, NOT A DOORMAT. So why don't you go get your head out of your ass, IT'S NOT A FREAKING HAT.
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Um, I'm a radical feminist who happens to also be a Satanist. For realz. Jesus H. Christ.
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666 satanic boobies 666
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i dont get it. how is feminism equal to devil stuff?
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That's not the statement being made.
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it may look like it to christians b/cs the circle-with-a-star-inside is the symbol of the devil and this very symbol was used in ancient stories to descrbe the prostitutes of the devil
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It's simply stating a feminist that is a satanist.
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um, im not a satanist
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I noticed friend. You stayed your religion. But I was stating what the picture represents in hopes of clearing an confusion up for you :)
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... I'm not christian but anyway, so you claim a femenist is a satanist? But I'm a feminist and I don't really worship any devil or demon or satan himself.
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No noo I'm not saying that at all! I'm saying that's what the picture is representing! A feminist that is also a satanist! Satanism isn't feminism
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Quite right too.
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Are you the real founder of Conservapedia, or just a troll?
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hailz \m/
it looks wicked forgot to comment on it
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THANK YOU ! You put toghether the collest things I can imagine of : Personal Freedom and Women power, and I'm a man. I wish more guys could think like me... Anyway, awesome symbol, I love it ^^,
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That's very clever, I love it :D Though I've never cared to listen to the band itself
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