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SMITH: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The First Case (Part 2)
It seemed to Jesse that if his heart beat any faster it would soon come bursting right out of his chest, yet as Smith faced the ghastly apparition that had once been Mrs Abbott he looked as though he were merely greeting an old friend.
“Let me guess”, he said, bringing one finger to his chin, “failed resurrection, right?”
His only response was another wail. Smith looked triumphant.
“I knew it!”
Harold’s lipless mouth twisted into a snarl and the chains rattled as he raised his spectral arm and emitted a high pitched shriek. The temperature in the room plummeted until Jesse could see his shallow, frightened breaths emerging as cloudy little puffs and his skin broke out in goosebumps. And still the shrieking continued.
“What a wonderful singing voice you have”, said Smith, and promptly found the air knocked from his lungs as Harold’s fist connected with his gut and sent him crashing back
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Spidersona! by kalsagnia Spidersona! :iconkalsagnia:kalsagnia 4 0 Mantamon by kalsagnia Mantamon :iconkalsagnia:kalsagnia 6 2
SMITH: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The First Case (Part 1)
There was a truck parked outside the apartment building, blue in colour and looking as though it had definitely seen better days. Smith eagerly approached it and yanked open the door (which, Jesse noticed, he hadn’t had to unlock. Did the man lock anything?).
“Isn’t she a beaut?” He asked as he climbed in and caressed the steering wheel lovingly. “She’s never let me down once, you know”.
Truthfully Jesse thought the truck looked about ready for the scrapheap but he wasn’t quite ready to lose his job yet so he held his tongue and merely nodded at Smith as he seated himself on the passenger side. With a bang and a shudder the truck came to life and they peeled out of the carpark.
“So what’s the job?” Jesse asked, trying to ignore how the readout on the speedometer was climbing steadily higher.
Smith shrugged.
“Missing persons. A haunted house. Nothing unusual”.
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SMITH: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Apartment Thirteen
“Smith? Are you serious? You want to work for that lunatic?!”
Jesse bit his lip and fiddled self consciously with the newspaper clipping in his hand. Truthfully he wasn’t sure if he did, but he was desperate for work and at least ‘assistant paranormal investigator’ sounded interesting. Better than stacking shelves in a supermarket at any rate. Though with the way he was being looked at right now he was starting to doubt that decision.
The guy had a key inserted in the door next to him, ready to enter his apartment. The job advertisement in Jesse’s hand had given the name of the building but not specified a number, which he supposed should have been his first clue that something wasn’t quite right.
The man before him shook his head.
“Floor three, apartment thirteen”, he said. “And don’t say I didn’t warn you”.
He was gone before Jesse c
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SMITH: Prologue
When asked, the child would never be able to say quite what woke him on that balmy summer night. But as he sat in bed and fumbled in the gloom for his glasses he had the distinct feeling that something was happening.
The farmhouse was quiet and still save for the ticking of the cuckoo clock downstairs. Outside a gentle breeze wafted through the wheat fields. The boy eased himself out of bed and blinked owlishly, his gaze on the window. The curtains were drawn but light still penetrated his room, flickering from white to red to blue.
A police car, perhaps?
Cautiously he stepped closer to the window, and the nearer he got the more he became aware of a low humming sound filling the air. There was a shape casting shadows on his curtains, long and smooth and somewhat disc shaped. Something was out there.
Trembling, he grabbed the curtains.
Sucked in a deep breath of air.
And the next thing he knew a car was pulling up alongside him as he wandered the
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Raptormon by kalsagnia Raptormon :iconkalsagnia:kalsagnia 5 9 Frith's Blade! by kalsagnia Frith's Blade! :iconkalsagnia:kalsagnia 8 2 Adopt Entry: Sweetie Cocoa by kalsagnia Adopt Entry: Sweetie Cocoa :iconkalsagnia:kalsagnia 6 0



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So basically a dainty I love has come up for trade and the owner would like a MYO slot. Therefore I'm offering this bab up for one!

Seeking MYO Slot only please!


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