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ZS0037 Koios Luna



Registered Name: Koios Luna, ID ZS0037
Nickname: Ujo (shy in finnish)
Previous name:  CVS Land of the Titans
Breed: Zlesdin - import design
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 years old
Height: 16 HH
Colour and markings: Bay roan with light brindling and chubari spots
Genotype: Ee Aa Rr
Can have black-, bay- or chestnut-based foals, that will all have 50% chance of inheriting roan.

Conformation traits: Typical Zlesdin built, albeit currently out of shape and need of muscle (02/17).

Discipline: Dressage
Owner: Wes Hamilton, Pine Hollow Stud

Characteristics and extra information: "Titan is very apathetic and aloof. He's indifferent to most things and is fairly easy to work with and he just goes with the flow, however a few small things must be done for him to even listen to anything you tell him to do. His feed bucket must be on the left side, he must circle the mounting block twice & you need to start cleaning at the front right hoof. If you do these things he will be a happy, very disinterested, calm boy. " (written by MadMice/Briar-Estates)

Currently in need of his own person, and lots of training in trust, accepting his new caretakers and then continuing on to starting to build up more muscle; he does have some show experience under his belt so we are eager to get him back to the competition arenas again! I liked the theme of Titans, so I chose the name Koios, which means 'query, questioning' in ancient Greek and is the secondary name for the Titan Coeus. Perhaps with time, he will grow into his mighty name.

Family unknown (STARTER).


Breeding - currently CLOSED* - Breeding Rules
*I am not currently accepting offers on this horse.

1. Rhith (READY TO USE)
2. kokovi (UNABLE TO USE, breeding pic required)

Notable art:

Aaanddd this is the other Zlesdin I got late last year, finally getting some reffing doooneeee yeeee :dummy: Reminder for myself: remember to submit him to group, because scheduling pfffttt
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Aw he is sooo pretty ; v ;