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Magmata Luna

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Full Name: Magmata Luna
Nickname: Matto
Breed: :iconlisqar-equine:
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years old
Height: 17.3 HH
Colour and markings: Sooty pangare chestnut with orange-yellow gems & Fire magic
Genotype: ee aa StySty PP
Can have Black-, bay- or chestnut-based foals, that will all have sooty and pangare.

Import design

Conformation traits: --- 

Discipline: Allrounder, specializing in dressage
Owner: Wes Hamilton, Pine Hollow Stud

Characteristics and extra information: Coming soon!

Family unknown.

Breeding - currently OPEN FOR OFFERS* - Breeding Rules
*I am open for point/USD/art offers on this horse, but just because I take offers, does not mean you are guaranteed to get a slot. Art payments will require example of style/quality and should be finished within 30 days unless agreed otherwise.

No breedings reserved currently.

Notable art:
None yet!
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Burning Man and he can have a total hipster personality

otherwise Caldera or Aditya or something idk

He pretty though, daang
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Good suggestions, but ended up with something more typical, Magmata which is plural of magma :)
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Streets of Fire??? lol
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Thanks for suggesting! Ended up with a magma-related name :)
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
ooo I love it!
and you're welcome :D
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AAAA if he was a she I would definitely say Te Ka (from moana!)
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Ohh yeah that would be great but surprisingly I have a LOT more mares than stallions in Lisqars so he'll keep his doodad so I have some leveling xD
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gr8 name thanks wolv
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