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.: Fight The Dead :. [EB Miniprompt: Bones]

By kalmanen
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Give me the control
You're crawling inside my mind
Give me the control
Don't you fight me

As above, so below
What you reap is what you sow
What you give comes back threefold
As above, so below
In This Moment - As Above So Below

Lagertha is real freaked out by an old skeleton speaking to her inside her own head! What is going on under this pulsating red star ??? Instinctively, she will fight but she can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with a Bone crown -wearing skeleton rises from the ground in the first place... I was too sleepy to shade Lagertha OTL ripperoni

Horse(s) Pictured: 2639 Lagertha, ghoul
Prompt(s) Shown: Miniprompt: Do You Hear That?
Stat Breakdown:
+3 Full Body
+2 Extra Character
+2 Simple BG
+2 Gaits (Bat)
+2 Stamina (Hare)
+1 Stamina (Easter Bun)
+2 Any (Hummingbird)
Total: 14
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Ohhhh nice job on the skeleton especially! :o

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Thank you!! 80% of my effort went into the skeleton 😂

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That's why it looks so cool! :3