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6421 Gromadnyi

By kalmanen
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January 2020 Award by EquusBallatorSociety

Full Name: Gromadnyi, ID# 6421
Nickname: Shiny Beef, Grunt
Breed: EquusBallator, Plains type
Gender: Stallion
Age: 30 years old
Height: 18 HH
Colour and markings: Silver Black Pearl Chrome Tobiano Ombre with Birdcatcher Spots
Genotype: EE aa nZ prlprl nT CrmCrm OmOm 
Can have black- or bay-based foals, that will all have pearl, Chrome and Ombre genes and 50% chance of inheriting silver and tobiano.

ID 6421 by BallatorDesignAdmin
designed by Winzer

Discipline: Hunting
Owner: Pine Hollow Stud

History and extra information: Hailing from Russia, Beef has travelled around the world searching for his purpose in life. Very devout soldier of Aether, but tries to be open-minded towards those who prefer to follow Hannibal, but may be more mistrusting towards them until more familiar. 

Applied Items:
Gemma Applied 25/12/18

Sketch Fragment Applied 07/07/2019
This item allows any ballator other than Mountain or Forest Ballators to hunt in the European regions.

Red Hawk || Applied 16/03/19 || Valpuri  female by DiegoVainilla [Red Hawk]
Companion bonus: Allows a 5% chance of finding extra or rarer items during hunts for the Ballator to whom it is equipped.

Phoenix Companion || Applied 16/03/19 || Lazarus  male by DiegoVainilla [Phoenix, resembles Modern Game bantam rooster]
Companion bonus: Adds +10 Denarii and +4 stats to be distributed as desired for every full-body image. Bonus does not count for chibi drawings

Dog || Applied 19/07/19 || Piki  male by DiegoVainilla [Karelian Bear Dog]
Companion bonus: Adds +1 Speed and +2 Intelligence per full-body drawing. Bonus does not count for chibi drawings. Adds a small chance to find more items while hunting.

Characteristics: Big and stronk. Protective, merciless hunter and fighter; will only fight others to protect himself or his friends/mate/whathaveyou outside of the pits. Seems to especially dislike polar bears...



Breeding - currently CLOSED*
*I am currently not open to offers on this horse.

1. Mare 6709 Mumford, out of 6264 Nahanni (Winzer)
2. Mare 7073 Minnie, out of 2639 Lagertha (MonsLeonis)
3. Mare 7205 Vras, out of 2639 Lagertha (MonsLeonis)
4. soulswitch (UNABLE TO USE; group-mandated mate check required)
5. kalmanen with ??? (READY TO USE)
6. naomithewolf with 6421 Gromadnyi (READY TO USE)
7.-10. CLOSED

Notable art:
6421 Gromadnyi old reference by kalmanen <da:thumb id="777353830">

UPDATE 05/01/19: NEW ART BY MEEEEEEE!!!! Beef man got Gemma!!!

Original A/N: Finally he has a name!!!! So I can post this amazeballs ref done by soulswitch !!!! I love him and his shiny big butt so much. Extra thanks to Fade--Touched and Winzer for making him a possibility :heart:
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he's such a handsome boi l luv him so much

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Thank you! I love him a lot too :heart:
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Hey there! Just a friendly notification that this Shiny Beef has been chosen as Ballator of the Month for January 2020 and is  featured on the front page! Thank you for being an outstanding community member and spreading the love of this amazing Ballator!

Here is a badge you can display on his ref if you like! You also received 50 Denarii which has been added to your bank account! 

Thanks for being a great part of this community!

January 2020 Award by EquusBallatorSociety
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what a beautiful shiny boy!!
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Thank you!!! I love him :love:
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He's a good Beef!!!!
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I unfaved just so I could fave again. I love him.
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I love him super much too, thank you :heart:
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He looks fantastic with his gemma!
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Yes!!!! Thank you!!
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Lovely! Totally would love to adopt this one. Haha.
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Love love LOVE!!! These colors are so fun!
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Thank you!! All credit Winzer for the design, I just told them what do and she did all the hard parts :heart:
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Lol well you drew the design well also!!
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and this hot babe ID 6264 is gonna be who is SLAMMED WITH HIM cause u kno i'm alla bout that pearl m o t h e f u c k i n g chrome
kalmanen's avatar
Your slot has been updated!!! I love this beef so much, thank you for designing him!!!
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big and stronk
littlewillow-art's avatar
what a handsome boy!!!
kalmanen's avatar
Isn't he!!!! I weep at his beauty!!!
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He's so pretty I weep
kalmanen's avatar
FINALLY LMAOOO his name was a tough one :/ I weep with you tbh
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