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!1258 Anamorphosis || Aksiothos Mare

By kalmanen
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Registered Name: Anamorphosis, ID# !1258
Nicknames: Morphie, Anna
Breed: Aksiothos, Scion Kin
Gender: Mare
Age: Exact age unknown, under five years old
Height: 17 HH (when adult)
Colour and markingsSooty Argyros Black Daimon's Allure (Chrysos carrier)
Genotype: Ee aa nAy ncy nSty DluDlu rara
Elemental Affinity: Light
Shapeshifter Ability: Wolf (Canidae)
Alignment: Faithless

Aksiothos Scion Kin No. !1258 by AksiothosDesign

Sire: !190 Aksiothos Scion

Dam: !192 Aksiothos Scion

History and extra information: Anna was born into a Scion herd, but with the great changes that happened, she got lost. Stuck alone in a new world, she has struggled to survive until she met with Pantariste, who recognized the foal as of her kin, at least in breed though not in blood. She promised to help out Anna until she would figure out what her path in life is.

Characteristics: Sweet and kind, but tricky. She loves pranks and illusions. 

AKROS TRACKER (coming soon!)


Breeding - currently CLOSED
I am open for Denarii/point/USD/art offers on this horse! Art payments will require example of style/quality and should be finished within 30 days unless agreed otherwise.

1. !1350 Aksiothos Kin (PolarisAstrum)
2.-8. Closed for now!

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Another sweet baby from the past!! Sweet spooky child <33
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I love her Daimon's Allure markings
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Thank you! Me too :)
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awwww shes soo pretty!!!!!
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