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018 - Crownedelic


The Conjurer Pokémon
Ability: Torrent / Serene Grace
Hidden Ability: Magic Guard
Height:  7'10"    2.4 m
Weight: 200.3 lbs.    90.8 kg
StatsComing Soon

Signature Move: Psychedelic Cyclone (Coming Soon)

Pokedex Entry:

- It does not fight with all of its tentacles unwrapped. As a way to test an opponent, it gradually stretches each of its limbs to become more powerful. It is said that if all of its tentacles are unwrapped, a deadly storm will befall its enemies. 

- Its calm nature guarantees that its allies will always be safe within its reach. It is incredibly trustworthy, never abandoning its allies even to its last moments. Its incredible power comes from the seas. Some believed that the patterns on its beautiful arms are actually a portal to the deepest parts of the ocean. 


Lapipod ----->Psychedeloct (Level 16)-----> Crownedelic (Level 32)


Crownedelic is a combination of the words "Crown" and the word "Psychedelic" which is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, "soul") and dēloun (δηλοῦν, "to make visible, to reveal") translating to "mind-manifesting".

Crownedelic is inspired by the Blanket Octopus, rare species due to the fact that blanket octopuses are always in the open ocean of the Atlantic and the Pacific. A pair of Blanket Octopus was spotted in Philippine seas. 

Crownedelic © 2020 Kallechuchi 
Please do not copy, steal, and use this artwork.

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Level Up Moveset:

Evolve: Psychedelic Cyclone*

- Flash

- Pound

- Growl

- Bubble

- Constrict

10. Confusion

13. Hidden Power

16. Bubble Beam

20. Whirlpool

24. Psybeam

28. Aqua Ring

32. Water Pulse

37. Psychic

42. Calm Mind

47. Stored Power

52. Hydro Pump

57. Future Sight

62. Wring Out

*Category: ???

Type: ???

Pwr: ???

Acc: ???

PP: ???

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THIS IS ANOTHER BREADWINNER. Damn your love for water types are so strong it shows in your design so well. I love the origin story and dex entry and how you apply it with its tentacles tucked away. This shade of blue fits incredibly well with its colorful blanket arms which stays true to its actual origin of a rainbow blanket octopus!

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I LOVE him! I love how colorful and vibrant it is, and it's just such an interesting design to look at, the eye moves from one spot to the other endlessly. Great job!

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I love that you have a pair of starters of each type, super cool idea!

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Oohhh I love it! I think it looks amazing and the Pokedex entry is really cool, I love the story behind it. Fantastic design!

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