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017 - Psychedeloct


The Conjurer Pokémon

Ability: Torrent / Serene Grace

Hidden Ability: Magic Guard

Height:  3'9"       1.2 m

Weight: 100.3 lbs.    45.5 kg

StatsComing Soon

Pokedex Entry:

- When an opponent wishes to fight against it, Psychedeloct will flash its patterns to ward them of its power. The brighter the flashes, the stronger it is.

- It values the competition between it and Decaprod because of their differing skills. It is skilled in its mental and special attacks while Decaprod prefers to use its physical and sheer power. 


Lapipod ----->Psychedeloct (Level 16)----->Crownedelic(Level 32)


Psychedeloct is a combination of the words "Psychedelic" derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, "soul") and dēloun (δηλοῦν, "to make visible, to reveal") translating to "mind-manifesting". It is also rooted from "Octopus"

Psychedeloct is inspired by the Blanket Octopus, rare species due to the fact that blanket octopuses are always in the open ocean of the Atlantic and the Pacific. A pair of Blanket Octopus was spotted in Philippine seas. 

Psychedeloct © 2020 Kallechuchi 
Please do not copy, steal, and use this artwork.

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PSYCHEDELOCT. This has such a fitting and good sound to it. I love it so much because of its intricate swirl-like designs. Its so adorable I just want to pinch its round face so bad!

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I am loving the body shape of this line! It's so unique and interesting, it works really well!

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Level Up Moveset:

Evolve: Flash

- Pound

- Growl

- Bubble

7. Constrict

10. Confusion

13. Hidden Power

16. Bubble Beam

20. Whirlpool

24. Psybeam

28. Aqua Ring

32. Water Pulse

36. Psychic

40. Calm Mind

44. Stored Power

48. Hydro Pump

52. Future Sight

56. Wring Out